Be The Example That By Emulation Will Save The World

Hear Earth, she is crying,
In her pain she is lying,

To make profits we haste,
Leaving her burdened by waste,

Destroyed, pillaged and plundered,
Many lands torn asunder.

Her beauty we admire,
But to plunder we conspire,

We overuse and replenish not,
Till the land, it grows not,

If we take more than we give,
How will our granchilren live?

The problem is really not carbon,
It is pollution in the garden,

For us plastic’s fantastic,
But for fish it’s now drastic,

Coporate greed might have won first place,
But it destroyed Earth in the race.

Psyche and street drugs first dull men’s senses,
Excreted, mash fauna’s defenses,

I fear big pharma have gambled,
When fish DNA becomes scrambled,

To forsee disaster from their profit,
You do not need to be a new prophet.

We eat what is promoted,
Too much till we’re bloated,

Our waistlines are growing,
Our lifespan is slowing,

The more artificial the food,
The gloomier becomes our mood.

The authorities in whom we trust,
Be severely corrected they must,

Else our trajectory is plotted,
Until in our graves we are slotted,

We must rise above our disinterest,
To overcome greed, vested interest.

So let us vote with our spending,
Insanity to be ending,

We need to clean up our collective act,
To make “Earth – a salvaged planet” a fact,

We need to set an example to our friends,
Our mind, body and earth we do need to mend.

Tom Grimshaw
January 27, 2011

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