American Journalism

My friend Bruce Wiseman writes:
The state of journalism in the United States today has fallen to such a level that it no longer deserves the name. Major news publications, as well as network and cable news shows, are little more than partisan political theater. “Nearly three-quarters of Americans believe the news media reports with an intentional bias, according to a new survey.” Television producers and newspaper editors manipulate their content to forward partisan agendas – not to inform, but to persuade.And some are known journalistic whores for the CIA and other segments of government intelligence. There are a few with the guts and integrity, to tell the truth, and tell it accurately and with reason. Sharyl Attkinsson brings a high confront of evil to the stage of investigative journalism. You can find real news at her site, including her take-no-prisoners challenge of the U.S. surveillance state. But, no one touches Glenn Greenwald. The icon of investigative journalism and recognized, worldwide, as a beacon of integrity in media, Greenwald continues to shine the light of truth on suppressive sectors of society with uncommon intelligence. His reporting of the Edward Snowden disclosures, the subject of the documentary Citizen Four, won the academy award for the best documentary, while the team he oversaw at The Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for their reporting on the National Security Administration (NSA). It’s not partisan with Greenwald, it’s patriotic. His viewpoints are grounded in the Constitution, individual liberty and the common man’s right to privacy. Case in point, his recent expose of Amazon’s deeply incestuous relationship with U.S. government intelligence. It is published in Greenwald’s online publication, The Intercept. It is an eye-opening read. I have an on again, off again relationship with The Intercept. Many of the articles written by the publication’s journalists are in fact leftist, policy-driven polemics. But Greenwald is unique. He’s not really left or right. I’ve seen him interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the vacuous new princess of the political left who has beautiful eyes, signature red lipstick and the intelligence of a vat of buttermilk, but also attack John Brennan, the venomous former director of the CIA. Reading his piece on Bezos above, you can see the reason he brings to a powerful story. He does not focus on the now public sexual indiscretion of the richest man in the world, but the irony of somebody snatching copies of the nude photos that he shared with his mistress while Amazon has become a prime contractor for massive government surveillance programs. Many months ago, The Intercept published a powerfully researched piece on how the CIA and some of the other spook farms funded Google when it was in its forming stages – when Larry Page and Sergey Brin were developing the initial Google algorithm as graduate students at Stanford. That’s right, government intelligence agencies provided early seed money for Google. I wrote an article for The Hard Truth based on this research (which I fully acknowledged). I have my nose into this area more than most, but what I discovered was jaw-dropping. If you are interested in understanding how it is that Google is essentially a front for government intelligence, buy this one issue of The Hard Truth. I would love to have you as an annual subscriber ($34.95, 12 issues plus access to the entire archive covering investment recommendations and political issues of import), but whether or not you become an annual subscriber, give this article a read. It will blow your mind. Best,Bruce

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