Inclusion and Community Standards

Belgian Health Minister

On 4 December at 13:26 Jason Christoff posted

I asked a government official two questions last week because I know he always gives me the straight truth. I asked, “what is INCLUSION?” He said, “Inclusion is when the 4th place person in a race is given the gold medal and a blind man is permitted to drive a bus down a busy street because the society is now being designed to make everyone happy, so they’ll never rebel or resist the increasing tyranny… …and much more tyranny is coming just around the corner of course. We need to make everyone high, drunk, sedated, brain damaged or extremely disconnected from the truth in one way or another in order to keep this master/slave relationship rolling down the track. What ever you want, we’ll give it to you. You want to identify as a woman one day and a pineapple the next, you got it. You want to come in last place and get the gold medal, no problem. You just can’t be free. That’s the only catch”

I also asked, “what are COMMUNITY STANDARDS?” and he said, “Community standards refers to the standard government lies, which all government employees (and most of the public) are paid to repeat and believe in. If you tell the truth or even smell like you may know the truth, that’s against our “community standards” and you’ll be punished and pushed out. You can tell, believe in and live out any lie you want… …you just can’t be free. You want to believe wine is healthy, you got it. You want to believe we released marijuana to the public because the public’s in control, you got it. You want to believe we took over the poppy fields in Afghanistan because of 9/11… got it. You just can’t be free and you can’t tell the truth either. It’s all about using government channels to make the lies the only zone where you won’t be attacked. After that it’s like moths to a flame. If you make the lies cozy and the truth painful, everyone swallows the lies and goes home.”

Just in case some people weren’t aware of the slavery based word magic now destroying our society. Up is down. Black is white. Lies are truth. Debt is wealth. Fat is thin. Insane is sanity. It’s all about cherry picking what ever bullshit suit you want to wear that day because that’s the only freedom you get, the freedom to lie yourself into an illusionary state of contentment.

Tom’s take:

We are always free to create any reality we want – in our own universe. The universe that exists when we close our eyes and imagine.

Insanity is when we expect the universe of agreement between ourselves and others, the physical universe, to operate the same as our own universe, It doesn’t. Never has and never will.

Of course everything we create in the physical universe we first imagine in our own universe. But to say abracadabra and expect the creations we mock up in our own universe to appear in the physical universe without any further effort on our part is a bit above my capacity, and I suspect yours too. We have to perform physical universe actions to make it happen.

My forwarding this post is one physical universe action I am taking to communicate my reality to you so we can see some semblance of sanity restored to the social contract.

People are free to fantacize about whatever they like in their own universe but let’s stop saying that fantasy is reality. That is confusion and it is very down scale.

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