Vote Them Out

Vote Them Out

I could not agree more with this post! For the last 100 years we have been sold down the river by successive liberal and labor governments and it’s high time we as a populace woke up to the insanity of swapping between those two horse each election race.

We need to ditch the two major parties and start electing representatives who stand for we the people.

Representatives more loyal to their constituents than a party or their political donors.

We need people in parliament who understand the present system delivers the present problems and that to prevent the problems we need to alter the system. The system isn’t broken, it is working as designed! We need a new system! One where corporations with the money to make large political donations do not dictate political, economic and environemental decisions.

I disagree with the violence of the French protestors. Violence is not a workable or sustainable solution. I do agree that we the people need to take a more active role in determining the outcome of decisions made in parliament as we as individuals and as a country are suffering from the way those decisions are being made at present.

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