From a Brave Doctor

My demographic was menopausal and peri menopausal women. You don’t ask questions in medical school. As an emergency room physician, I rubber stamped dtap as a matter of protocol. I’m one of very few physicians that has seen active polio. That was while I was in China. My stance on vaccines was predicated on ignorance and misinformation.

In 2009, a group of nurses asked me if they should get the flu shot. My reflex answer was that they should get the vaccine in order to prevent exposure to patients. Shortly after making the statement, I decided I better get educated to support my answer. I got a copy of a package insert from the flu vaccine. To my surprise, hidden in plain site, the package insert revealed the THE FLU VACCINE DOES NOT PREVENT THE FLU!

More research revealed why. The symptoms of the flu are not caused by the virus. The symptoms are caused by your immune system response to the virus. The vaccine targets 3-4 viruses. However,there are 200 or so viruses that can cause the exact same immune system response. This makes getting the flu shot similar to:
1) Taking a birth control pill once each year
2) Only locking one car door
3) Hiding behind a chain link fence to escape gunfire
4) Trying to hit a major league fast ball with a teaspoon
5) Using an umbrella to protect yourself from lightning

The more I looked into vaccines in general, the less sense they made. 2 key things. One is that viruses don’t produce a toxin. Polio is not caused by the virus but the immune system response to the virus. Same with measles,mumps and Ebola. Secondly is the fact that the symptoms associated with the these viruses are actually caused by the abnormal immune system response to the viruses. This says we should be more focused on the immune system response than vaccines.

Once I started looking into autism, it became clear that it was associated with vaccines. Too many women came to me with the exact same story-normal child that regressed after getting vaccinated. Autism is the tip of a large iceberg of vaccine injury conditions. Sudden infant death syndrome, peanut allergies, childhood seizures, ADD/ADHD, acute flaccid myelitis AKA polio, are all manifestations of vaccine injury.

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