Circumcision Stats

Circumcision Stats

Interesting stats! And history.

Circumcision arose as a mark of defilement or slavery. In ancient Egypt captured warriors were often mutilated before being condemned to the slavery. Amputation of digits and castration was common, but the morbidity was high and their resultant value as slaves was reduced. However, circumcision was just as degrading and evolved as a sufficiently humiliating compromise. Eventually, all male descendents of these slaves were circumcised. The Phoenicians, and later the Jews who were largely enslaved, adopted and ritualized circumcision.

The ritual is an ancient form of social control. The slitting of a man’s penis to cause bleeding and pain is to remind him of the power of the Rulers. ‘We have control over your distinction to be a man, your pleasure and your right to reproduce’. The ritual is a warning and the timing dictates who is warned. The new-born it is `We mark your son, who belongs to us, not to you.’ For the young adolescent, the warning accompanies the aggrandisement of puberty; the time when growing strength give independence, and the rebellion of youth.

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