According To A Recent Study, Sunscreen Is The Actual Cause Of Cancer, Not The Sun

Mutant Cells

Most people believe the sun is what causes cancer. The truth is the problem is the sunscreen and not the sun. There are facts to back up this statement and using sunscreen is just not giving you the protection you believe. There are significantly better ways to protect yourself from the sun.

Numerous studies are revealing the truth: skin cancer is not caused by the sun. The sun is not evil and is not trying to harm you. In fact, it gives you the vitamin D your body needs to be healthy. A lot of the sunscreens available will block your production of vitamin D. They also contain toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control, putting on sunscreen has not prevented the rates for skin cancer from doubling during the last thirty years.

Scientists are blaming the rise in cancer on the sun and overlooking the most obvious reasons. The average sunscreen is made with chemicals that disrupt the hormones. This impacts hormones including estrogen and how they are able to perform within the body.

When you are exposed to these chemicals, you can be impacted by several different health issues. One of the main ingredients is OMC. The lowest dosage has been proven to kill mouse cells. This chemical can also be toxic when exposed to the sun.

The National Institute for Safety and Health has listed titanium dioxide as a carcinogen. Sunscreen still contains Oxybenzone despite the fact it is a proven hormone disruptor. That piece of information should make you want to throw your sunscreen into the trash right now.

Just think about how many years people spent time in the sun with nothing bad happening other than an occasional mild burn. The rates for cancer did not start increasing until the same time the market was flooded with sunscreen and everyone was told it was critical to use for their health.

The University of Manitoba, Canada revealed the chemicals in sunscreen showed a high rate of penetration. This means all of those dangerous chemicals are being absorbed right into the tissues in your body.

The Environmental Working Group conducted yet another study regarding sunscreen. This showed approximately fifty percent of the 500 brands of sunscreen most commonly used increased the speed malignant cells were able to grow. These are the cells responsible for skin cancer.

There are much better ways to protect yourself from the sun than using toxic sunscreens. You can cover your whole face with a hat with a wide brim. Wearing sunglasses and a swim shirt also helps and an umbrella is always a good idea. You can find all different kinds of safe and natural alternatives to sunscreen. It is important for you to remember from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. the sun is the most potent during the summer. You can still enjoy the sunshine, just do not overlook the importance of moderation.

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