I’m sharing my story to give awareness. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and had a regular check up with my OB last Friday. My baby boy Brodie was healthy, and had a strong heartbeat. I’ve had a great pregnancy with no complications.
Through out my pregnancy I have listened to both sides of the vaccine conservation and regretfully should have stuck with mother’s intuition. During my visit, I chose to take the TDAP vaccine. Instantly I had an overwhelming fear, guilt and remorse for what i did..
Brodie immediately stopped moving and sometime this weekend he passed away. All weekend I had a gut feeling he wasn’t with me anymore.
I am a normal person that only wanted one thing in life, to be a mom. I got overwhelmed at times reading all the posts on here and trusted my doctors.
I’m sharing my story to those like me, who live busy lives, work full time and trust the medical system.
RIP Brodie Alexander.

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