Vaccines Cause Child’s Autism, Doctor Recovers Child

James, was healthy, happy, calm, and developing normally until he was vaccinated at 17 months old. His parents keenly recall the night of his vaccination because his behavior started to change and his health began to deteriorate. Every part of James’s fragile body was negatively impacted: which included his sleep patterns, a loss in vocabulary, and his body’s inability to thrive, gain weight, and grow hair.
This family, like countless others featured on this website, witnessed the traumatic decline of their child’s health, personality, and capabilities following vaccination. For this family, they were surprised to learn their son was suffering from a severe vaccine injury – encephalopathy (severe brain swelling)! In fact, this young boy’s bodily systems were shutting down, according to his doctor. His mom, Heather, continued to investigate and through the help of their experienced functional medicine doctor, her son gradually regained his health over the course of two years through a constellation approach of detoxifying, diet/nutrition, supplements, additional therapies, and continual testing. Heather shares her compelling story as a way to provide comfort, hope, and encouragement to other parents with children on the autism spectrum disorder and who are vaccine-injured.

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