The Consequences of “Insurance Mill” Rehabs

When someone goes into treatment, they are vulnerable and they hope to figure out their problems and start a new life once they are done. Unfortunately, too often they go to a rehab center where treatment comes secondary to turning a profit. This does not negate that drug treatment centers need to make their bottom line. No organization can operate without bringing in money, even if it is only through donations.
I have heard countless stories from parents and loved ones about treatment centers kicking out their family member in the middle of the night with no advance warning or preparation. This happens generally in one of two ways.
The first way is when the patient’s insurance company pays the portion of the bill they will cover, and then the addiction treatment facility dismisses the patient. When put like this, it doesn’t sound that bad, however, the way it works in practice can be disturbing. Many times, the family is told the insurance will cover roughly 28 days of treatment and sometimes even more. However, what often happens is the insurance company stops paying after about 15 or 17 days and the family is then notified they must pay several thousand dollars or their loved one will be released.

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