Polluting Is Gross Irresponsibility!

I received this email from Greenpeace:
Hi Tom,
It started as a low haze on the horizon. As strong winds pushed the wall of dust over Port Augusta, we realised our problems with the defunct coal-fired power plant were far from over.
We were facing choking dust and an unbelievable stench, and it felt like the power company and the Environmental Protection Authority didn’t care about the aftermath of the power plant’s closure.
With our throats burning and our eyes stinging from the fine coal dust swirling around us, we knew we had to take this into our own hands.
That’s why we’re taking this message to the next Premier of South Australia: clean up the defunct coal power plant site, for the health of our town.
Help us get our video out to thousands of people in the lead-up to the election. https://give.greenpeace.org.au/justice-for-port-augusta
Dr Amanda Bethell, GP of the Year and Port Augusta resident with a message for the next Premier.
Port Augusta’s a great place to live. I brought my kids up here, and I run the local cinema. I hate seeing my community’s health at risk. I’ve been fighting to get the old power plant site cleaned up since it was shut down in 2016. I don’t think what we’re doing here is heroic – we just care about our community’s right to breathe clean air.
With the help of thousands of people like you, Tom, we got an independent air monitor installed last year so we can keep the power company and the EPA accountable.
But our plea to be able to breathe clean air is going unheard. That’s why in the lead up to South Australia’s state election, we’re asking the next Premier of South Australia to commit to cleaning up the defunct coal power plant site.
We want a proper remediation of the site. That means research into best practice for coal power plant closures. We want an independent investigation into the health effects from the dust events that left us coughing and struggling to breathe. And we want the restoration of the polluted Bird Lake to a scenic attraction, rather than a stinking mess.
We know our state’s politicians are sensitive to public pressure during elections – any bad press could wreck their chance at becoming SA’s Premier. We want them to feel the pressure of knowing that their voters care about Port Augusta, and that we’re all watching their next move. Let’s show them this isn’t an issue they can just sweep under the rug.
?$20 will get this video out to 1000 South Australians on Facebook
$50 will get this video out to 2500 South Australians on Facebook
$250 will get this video out to 12,500 South Australians on Facebook
With $2500 we can run a half-page ad in local newspapers for a day
With $6000 we can run a half-page ad in the Adelaide Advertiser for a day
We’ve got even bigger ideas brewing: help us make them a reality!
Our community is taking our power back, with the help of all of you. We’re not going to be the last community to face this problem, which is why it’s so important that our leaders start taking us seriously and take action to clean up after coal.
We’re ready. Are you?
Michelle, Port Augusta resident
PS. We’re so proud of our local doctor Amanda, who was voted Australian GP of the Year for 2017! She’s on board with our campaign, for the health of our community, past and present. Watch Amanda’s video message here. https://give.greenpeace.org.au/justice-for-port-augusta

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