Protect Our Sharks
Right now the Turnbull Government is trying to block protection for our most vulnerable sharks. But we can stop them, if we speak out quickly.. Tell them we want our sharks protected for our ocean’s sake.
The world’s shark populations are in decline. These majestic apex marine creatures are in trouble, with many shark species endangered due to fishing pressure for their fins and flesh. Yet healthy shark populations are key to healthy oceans.
Throughout the world’s oceans our blue sharks, dusky whalers and white-spotted wedgefish are threatened with extinction. The threats they face are so great that nearly 50 countries have signed an agreement to help these sharks.
But here in Australia our Government is trying to weasel out of protecting our most vulnerable sharks.
We have less than a week to urge the Government to protect our sharks. We need our Government to be champions for shark protection, not the cause of their demise.
Tell the Australian Government that you support strong protection for our threatened sharks.

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