Non-Vaccinating Parent Categories

Non-Vaccinating Parent Categories
Then there’s me.
35 years ago I decided to look into it and looked at the literature that was available at that time. I saw enough evidence to suggest that not all was being told from the medical profession. I reasoned that if they were not telling all, they had something to hide. And it was probably very not good.
Seems I was right. A personality test I did many moons ago called me “an intuitive investigator”. I guess that’s what you get when your basic purpose is to understand. So we made the decision to not vaccinate.
Our three all had the measles in 1988, were all undamaged from it and are three of the healthiest I know in their 30s.
Please do your own homework! Don’t take anything I say as gospel. Don’t take ANYONE’S word for ANYTHING if it does not pass your gut feeling meter.

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