Adani – Massive fraud, crony capitalism and a pollution disaster right on the Great Barrier Reef coast.

The latest Adani Files reveal that Adani have already brought their shonky business practices and environmental destruction to Australia. It proves beyond a doubt that Adani can’t be trusted to build the world’s biggest new coal mine. And they definitely can’t be trusted with a billion taxpayer dollars to do it. I received this email from GetUp:
Hi Tom,
Earlier this year we released the Adani Files — a comprehensive summary of Adani’s terrifying track record.
Since then, Adani has been so busy racking up fresh scandals and disasters that we’ve had to completely update their rap sheet.
We’re talking investigations of massive fraud, crony capitalism and a pollution disaster right on the Great Barrier Reef coast.
But despite all this, the Turnbull government is still desperate to hand them a billion dollars of public money to build the biggest and most dangerous new coal mine on the planet.
We still have work to do. Can you help expose the awful truth about Adani by sharing the latest dirt with your friends?
Adani’s track record proves they will try every dirty trick in the book to get what they want. And right now, they’re hellbent on getting their hands on the billion dollar handout.
Adani’s got a huge advertising budget, lobbyists swarming all over Canberra, and a billion-dollar Government slush fund that seems tailored to their interests.
We’re up against a formidable enemy. That’s why wherever our MPs go they need to be hearing that Adani can’t trusted.
They need to be surrounded by voters from their own electorates reminding them at every turn that Adani’s coal will hurt people. It will hurt the planet. And it will hurt the government at the next election.
Share the latest Adani Files with your friends and help show our politicians why Adani can’t be trusted.
The new Adani Files are just the latest chapter in a long and sordid history of Adani trampling communities and trashing the environment in their greedy pursuit of profit.
Together, we’ll stop this rotten coal mine before Adani do any more damage.
Thanks for standing up to Adani.
Sam R and Adam, for the GetUp team–3/adani-files-new-dirt-share/the-adani-files-2-0

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