How To Handle Depression

Save This For When Someone Close To You Needs It
You eat well and exercise, so if the dark forces in life drag you down from time to time you have the reserves to drag yourself back up again. Not everyone is endowed with the spiritual, mental and physical reserves you have. Most likely, this is for them. Save it so it is handy when you need to pass it on.
If you decide to test drive these recommendations yourself I am not to be held responsible for any increased perception of well being or happiness on your part. You did it. You take the credit.
Got a motto for you to help you through this patch: “Look and do rather than think and stew.”
You’ve probably heard the expression, “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” Well I was talking to someoine wating to get off anti-depressants and it occurred to me that calling feeling down “depression” does not help. It leads one to be open to taking “anti-depressants” which are anything but! They increase suicides!
If instead we call ir introverted or “interiorised”, as in, “looking inwards” rather than outwards to the environment, then all of a sudden a solution becomes obvious – extrovert by going for a walk and looking at things!
You see, someone who means you harms specialises in invalidation and making nothing of you and your good works and making mountains out of any minor thing you do wrong and molehills out of what they do wrong. They introvert you. Looking outwards extrobverts you.
So takes walks. Long walks. Morning and night. Look at things. Lots of things. Throw sticks for a dog. Skip stones across the water. If you are not physically capable of throwing, where it is legal, spit. Looking outwards and throwing things extroverts the attention and raise your cause level.
Stop watching or listening to the news or reading newspapers. Their owners make more money the more chaos they can foment. A being is as well off as they are dangerous to the environment and as bad off as the environment is dangerous to them. Look for things that are dangerous to you and work out how you can take the danger out of them.
Sing. 10 minutes a day. the kind of songs that lift you up and make you feel better.
Get enough rest. Too little sleep can make the world seem a very dark place. If you are not getting enough sleep, make it a priority to correct this. Lack of sleep will kill you faster than most anything. Except breathing. That’s pretty fast.
Improve your nutrition. Especially B group vitamins and fish oil/omega 3 fatty acids.
Breathe. Deeply and slowly. It has a relaxing effect on the body and mind.
Make a conscious and deliberate effort to relax and feel relaxed. Avoid people and things that make you feel tense and worried, powerless and hopeless. Seek out people and activities that validate and empower you.
Get yourself checked out for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies or toxic overload.
Do stuff. Physical universe stuff. Complete all the little jobs on your to do or pending list. Every job you finish gives you back some attention units. The more attention units you have in present time, the better you will feel.
Wring or write those with whom you’ve been meaning to catch up.
Help people. Whatever you can do. Even if it’s just helping in a soup kitchen, Showing someone the way when they are lost. Go out of your way to look for ways to contribute and help people. Helping others gives meaning to your life and makes you feel better about yourself.
Do what is on your purpose line. Whether it’s painting, writing, sewing, knitting, singing, cooking, carving – do what is on your purpose line.
Make amends for your misdeeds. Dredge up people to whom you have said an unkind word or done an unkind deed or done something that in hindsight you wish you hadn’t. Each handled misdeed will take some burden off you.
Spend 10 minutes a day thinking about all the good things that have happened in your life. Recall the moment and reexperience it. It doesn’t matter that the first time you do it that it takes 10 minutes to think of one thing, persist. Do it each day. If you cannot think of anything good, recall a day when nothing dramatically bad happened.
Make yourself a pledge to do this for a month and see how you feel then.

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