Your Belief System

Your Belief System
Many, dare I say most, are bound by the uninspected chains of their belief system.
It takes rare courage to look, actually look, and see what is there.
Only the very bravest and the very brightest attempt looking.
And most of them are distracted or shy away from the truth they observe.
Most are so far below the ability to look that they require lots of help to rise to that level.
They have been so badly harmed, so they believe, they daren’t look for fear that which is looked at will bite them, yet again.
Little do they know they are indestructible.
They cannot be hurt except by their agreement.
One must be willing to confront anything and everything, good and evil, if he would be free.
He must not resist being the effect of anything lest he become it.
He must strive always to attain his desired future reality and never lose sight of it.
Despite obstacles, distractions, dispersals and demotivations.

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