The Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer
I am listening to this right now. I am learning heaps and having past learning reinforced.
Inflammation and cancer go hand in hand.
“Reduce inflammation and you prevent cancer from forming.” – Dr Russell Blaycock
“If you eat real food you are going to be eating an anti-cancer diet.” – Mike Adams
“Vegetables are our most important food in the fight against cancer.” – Cherie Calbom “The Juice Lady”
“There are two parts to healthy diet- one is avoiding the bad stuff, the other is taking advantage of the good stuff.” – Ocean Robbins CEO Food Revolution Network
Essiac Tea – a blend of herbs given her by an Indian Medicine man.
In an interview with Ty Bolinger for his series on The Truth About Cancer, Dr Mathias Rath says:
“During the first half of the twentieth century no less than 9 Nobel Prizes were awarded for vitamin research for the benefit of vitamins for human health.
“In 1963, the German government, under pressure of Bayer, launched what is called Codex Alimentarius Commission with the goal to make sure that vitamins and the benefits of vitamins for human health are being eliminated world wide.
“So you can see, it is not just you and us talking about cancer, there is a century long tradition of crime against human health.
“And when you follow that trek, a lot of the things we will be talking about today will become easier to understand for the people who watch this interview.:- Dr Mathias Rath
You really should do yourself a favour and what this for free while you can. If your time is limited this week, do yourself the second best favour you can. Buy the series to you can watch it when you have time.

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