Eli Lilly is milking cancer. Tell Them to Stop!

Eli Lilly has taken pinkwashing (Pinkwashers are companies that claim to care about breast cancer but make or sell products that are linked to the disease. rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is one of those products) to a whole new level. By adding rBGH to the products they sell, Eli Lilly has completed its cancer profit circle: it creates cancer with rBGH, it sells cancer treatment drugs like Gemzar, and it sells a drug, Evista, to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women at high risk of the disease. Eli Lilly‚Äôs cancer drugs made $2,683,000,000 for the company in 2008. It’s potentially carcinogenic dairy hormone made $985,000,000 in the same year. That is over 3.5 Billion dollars! A year! Eli Lilly is milking cancer. http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?page_id=2

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