Why Would My Unvaccinated Kid Be A Threat to Your Vaccinated Kid?

Why Would My Unvaccinated Kid Be A Threat to Your Vaccinated Kid?
A lady called Shirley wondered if people who opposed compulsory vaccination were real, based on her observation of kids with polio and her experience with whooping cough.
I thought, “Fair call, deserves an answer”. So I did two minutes worth of homework:
Shirley, I understand your comments. My mother has similar recollections.
Go talk to a dozen mothers of autistic or deceased children who can trace the day their child died or fell ill to the day the child was vaccinated and the validity of opposition to compulsory vaccination will seem a lot more real to you.
When you look at the autism rate increasing each passing year to the point where it is now about 1 in 60 US kids with an autism spectrum disorder you start to wonder were we better off with the diseases.
Especially since vaccinations have proven to not protect people from getting the diseases.
Let me give you a very over-simplified example.
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_poliomyelitis
In 1952, during the worst recorded epidemic, 3,145 people, including 1,873 children, in the United States died from polio. That same year over 200,000 people (including 4,000 children) died of cancer and 20,000 (including 1,500 children) died of tuberculosis
In 1952 America had a population of 157,600,000 people.
3145 deaths divided by 157M people is very close to 2 deaths per 100,000 people.
Let’s assume 10 times as many people were left debilitated as died. That two disabilities per 10,000 people.
We’re still nowhere near the 1 in 60 currently getting autism.
So on the basis of which does the more harm, obviously the cocktail of vaccinations, toxins and whatever else eventually ends up being found to have caused the current epidemic of sickness (50% of US kids are chronically ill/have food allergies), I wouldn’t put one of my kids within a hundred yards of a vaccine armed medical drug pusher.

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