How Many Ways Can You Mess Up A Society?

Let me count the ways. (Make sure to read the last two paragraphs at the end of the list.)

Psychiatric Infiltration of Key Professions to Eradicate the Concepts of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong
Watered Down Education Creating Dumbed Down Population
Individuals Not or Mis-Educated in Ethics and Morals
The Above Three Leading to the Present Insanity of Multiple Gendering
Psychiatric Infiltration of the Clergy Leading to Widespread Pedophilia
Conditioning People to Be Easily Offended Rather Than Strong with Integrity
Greedy Corporations Driven Only by Profit Destroying Personal Freedom and the Environment
A Powerful Military/Industrial Complex
Wars and Political Destabiisation For Economic Gain/Political Control
Corporate Political Donations Leading to a Corporatocracy
A Controlled Government Structure, Bought and Blackmailed That Does Not Adhere to the Constitution
Mad Men in Power Seeking to Enforce a One World Government Slave State
Suppression of Clean/Renewable Energy Sources by Vested Interests
Fracking For Gas Poisoning Water Supplies
Widespread Pollution of Land, Air and Water
Psyche Drugs Incapacitating Individuals
Recreational Drugs Used as an “Escape” from Pain or Reality Leading to “Wooden” People
Medicines and Toxins in Drinking Water Supply
Banning Hemp Growing (Which leads to increased requirement of farmed trees which results in
Deforestation and Wildlife Habitat Destruction for Inefficient Cropping
The Killing of Wildlife to the Point of Extinction for Sport/Unproven Medicinal Treatments
Widespread Use of Bee-Killing Herbicides
Geoengineering Polluting the Atmosphere with Toxic Chemtrails
Poisoning the Water With Fluoride
Polluting the Land and Sea with Industrial Waste
Polluting the Land and Sea with Oil Spillages
Allowing Plastic Buildup to Pollute the Sea
Spraying Toxic Pestcides on Food and Land
Creating Nutritionless (sometimes even plastic) Food
Toxic GMOs In Food Chain
Food Additives Allowed That Are Toxins
Poisonous Vaccines Debilitating a Generation
Non-Nutrtionally Trained Doctors
A Medcal System More Interested in Maintaining Power and Control than Healing Patients
Symptom Suppressing Drugs That Don’t Heal
A Non-Independent Media That Shills for Vested Interests and Acts as a Merchant of Chaos to Promote Bad News to Keep the Public in Fear
Corporate Corruption of “Science” and Research
Corporate and Governmental Suppression of Whistleblowers
Judicial System Operating As A Law Unto Themselves and Denying Justice
Attacking the Fundamental Building Block of Society – the Family
Attacking the Main Proponents of Morality – Religion
Denying Man’s True Nature as a Spiritual Being
Concealed and Condoned Pedophelia in High Places

Now before you go down in the mouth about how bad it all is, there are a great many people of good will working on solutions to the above. What you can do on an individual basis is to sit down with this list and identify at least one action you can take on a personal level to fully or partially counter the negative effects of each of the above on you. Once you have done that you might like to identify actions you can take that will more broadly counter the negative effects of the above on self and others or at least forward the spread of truth and sanity about them to those you love and beyond.

Having written this list and looking back on it, I cannot help but be struck by how many of the above would be defused or eradicated by the increased intelligence, awareness and ethic level of the individuals in society. As awareness is increased by losing the upset one has on things that have negatively impacted one in the past, and as going for a walk and looking at things extroverts one’s attention and recovers attention units from where they are stuck in the past, the very simplest and easiest thing you can do is go for a daily walk and look at things until you feel brighter.

Evidence is UNDENIABLE: Smart meters cause massive changes to the heart


An expert in smart meter microwave transmission power has published new research showing that, contrary to the official government narrative, the radiation emitted from smart meters directly interferes with normal heart function.

To come to this conclusion, Warren Woodward connected himself to an EKG monitor while lying near an Elster smart meter, which was connected to a high-frequency analyzer that measures microwave frequencies.

As it alternated between normal readings of 00.1 and 00.2, a monitor display showed that Woodward’s heart patterns were normal and symmetrical. But during times when it spiked to 139.3 – this being the time when the smart meter initiated data transmissions – Woodward’s EKG pattern changed dramatically in response.

In other words, when the smart meter was not sending high amounts of power, Woodward’s EKG readings were normal and natural. But when it kicked into higher output mode, the changes were “massive.”

Brief periods of alteration to normal heart rhythm aren’t much to worry about. But when these irregularities are ongoing, the heart can end up working too hard, resulting in fatigued cardiac function.

Selenium Benefits: A Unique Trace Mineral That Provides Powerful Cancer Prevention


Most people have elevated concentrations of mercury in their body. Some of the common ways we’re exposed to mercury is through industrial pollution, fish, vaccinations, processed food (including food dyes and high fructose corn syrup), and dental amalgam fillings.

One of the best detoxifying agents to prevent mercury build-up is the mineral selenium.

Selenium has a powerful affinity for binding toxic agents in the body and neutralizes their harmful activity. When mercury and selenium bind, this new compound cannot be absorbed by the body so it is removed as waste.

Selenium treatment may be an alternative method in the fight against cancer treatment and may even reduce mortality in many individuals struggling with chronic and infectious inflammatory diseases.

Brazil nuts are the best food source of selenium with around 50-75 mcg selenium per nut. A small handful (max 6 nuts) will supplement the selenium you need for the entire day. Other excellent sources include pasture-raised eggs, mushrooms, shellfish, meat (including organ meats), as well as seeds.

Here are 10 strategies to naturally reduce mercury and boost selenium levels:

Consume real foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties
Avoid vaccines
Eat 5-6 Brazil nuts daily
Eat only wild-caught fish with the best ratio of selenium to mercury concentration
Do not get dental amalgams and remove existing ones (only with with a qualified biological dentist)
Enhance your body’s natural detoxification systems with herbs like parsley and cilantro
Detox daily by consuming supergreens and chlorella and/or spirulina
Hydrate with clean, filtered water
Take an effective detoxification supplement
Perspire in an infrared sauna

People Vaccinate Out Of Fear

People Vaccinate Out Of Fear

Man’s worst ability is the ability to confront evil. When you raise your ability to confront evil you can see the drug companies for what they really are. As a result you stay as far from them and their toxic products as you possible can. You carefully avoid other toxins and nourish and ecercise your body so your build your body’s natural immunity.