Are They Insane?

The Illusion Of Free Choice

I read a meme on Facebook that said the only thing between us and extinction is a six inch layer of topsoil, sunlight and rain.

Then I read the US are planning on block the sun’s rays and the Australian government is allowing coal companies to destroy our farming land for the coal underneath it.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I read about the deformed babies being born in Iraq after exposure to depleted uranium munitions.

Then I hear of the Australian government letting the US Navy bombard our coast with depleted uranium munitions during war games.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I see a video of a mother turning on her kitchen tap, holding a lighter to it and the gas in the water catching alight from the water polluted by gas fracking.

Then I read of the Australian Labor Party promising to spend AU$1.5 BILLION dollars to build a pipeline to transport fracked gas from the Northern Territory.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I hear of generous welfare amounts being given to migrants who have (and in some cases will never) contribute to this country.

Then I hear from a mate in his 70s how difficult it is for social workers to find accommodation for people like him and how the social worker tells him she cries sometimes at the injustice of the system grossly favouring migrants rather than people who have worked and paid their taxes for 40+ years.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I hear of our farmers, desperate for water.

Then I hear of Adani polluting with their operations, being given approval despite not satisfying ecological requirements, illegally drilling prior to approval and the danger their coal mine presents to the Great Barrier Reef, the billions of litres of water that will be used by them without payment, depriving our farmers of much needed water.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I read about the Vietnamese civilians born with deformities and the US troops with health issues after exposure to Agent Orange and the same company that made it being successfully sued for their glyphosate containing weedkiller, Roundup, causing cancer and the WHO calling glyphosate a probably carcinogen.

Then I read the US EPA preparing to allow it to continue to be sold AND IT STILL BEING ALLOWED TO BE SOLD HERE IN OZ.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I hear the Liberal Party claiming their great management of the economy.

Then I hear the coutry is in more debt than we have ever been and we have more than 30% of people over 65 living on or below the poverty line.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I see a whistleblower video of organ harvesting from live patients, apparently state sanctioned in China. So you can appreciate their respect for the value of human life is a tad less than you and I might want it to be. I read of the food reserve buffer in the world shrinking which makes us more vulnerable to crop failures.

Then I hear we have sold a huge quantity of a farmland and infrastructure to Chinese interests with government approval. And I wonder, “What would happen if there was a crop failure in China? What if a significant portion of our local crop was just shipped offshore without us getting any?”

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

I hear of African migrants forming gangs and terrorising honest, law abiding citizens in their own homes and on the streets and still allowed to stay here. I here of other migrants brought before the courts on sexual assault charges and not even serving jail terms because it was due to cultural differences.

And I wonder, “Are they insane?”

We have an election coming up in a couple of weeks. Please think about these points (and probably others you have in mind) before doing the same old, same old and voting Greens, Labor, Liberal or Nationals. They are the architects of the above insanities.

And Clive Palmer wants to give one of the great polluters of the world the go ahead to mine coal and potentially destroy the Great Barrrier Reef. We can do better than that Clive!

Here are some alternatives to check out:
IMOParty and Health Australia are both solidly pro vaccine choice and anti-compulsory vaccination.
CEC are dead against the criminal bankers and thier parliamentary coconspiritors stealing your bank deposits with bail in legislation.
Liberal Democrats are for more personal freedoms than the majors. Here’s one person’s take on it:

Merck Created Hit List to “Destroy,” “Neutralize” or “Discredit” Dissenting Doctors


Merck made a “hit list” of doctors who criticized Vioxx, according to testimony in a Vioxx class action case in Australia. The list, emailed between Merck employees, contained doctors’ names with the labels “neutralise,” “neutralised” or “discredit” next to them. This is the very same Merck who make Gardisil and the MMR vaccine. Savory lot – not! Beggars belief how ANYONE knowing the type of activity they engage in would think they make anything but a destructive product.

Namoi farmers cop river pumping embargo, while Whitehaven Coal mine gets an exemption

Namoi farmers cop river pumping embargo, while Whitehaven Coal mine gets an exemption

Farmers have questioned why Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek mine has been allowed to continue taking water from the Namoi River in NSW during the biggest pumping embargo to ever hit the catchment.

Some people are so irresponsible they cannot perceive consequences. They need to have it SHOWN to them in a VERY simple manner.

We should round up the pollies and let them eat coal and polluted water. Maybe (not promising anything) they will then see the stupidity in what they have been doing.

16 Quotes On Poisons… er, I mean those Magical Drugs our Rockefeller trained quacks prescribe

The Greatest Prt of Chronic Disease
  1. “The cause of most disease is in the poisonous drugs physicians superstitiously give in order to effect a cure.” Charles E. Page, M.D.
  2. “Every educated physician knows that most diseases are not appreciably helped by medicine.” Richard C. Cabot, M.D. (Mass. Gen. Hospital)
  3. “The greatest part of all chronic disease is created by the suppression of acute disease by drug poisoning.” Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
  4. “Medicines are of subordinate importance because of their very nature they can only work symptomatically.” Hans Kusche, M.D.
  5. “If all the medicine in the world were thrown into the sea, it would be bad for the fish and good for humanity” O.W. Holmes, (Prof. of Med. Harvard University)
  6. “Drug medications consists in employing, as remedies for disease, those things which produce disease in well persons. Its materia medica is simply a lot of drugs or chemicals or dye-stuffs in a word poisons. All are incompatible with vital matter; all produce disease when brought in contact in any manner with the living; all are poisons.” R.T. TraIl, M.D., in a two and one half hour lecture to members of congress and the medical profession, delivered at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.
  7. “Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature’s protest, and pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathway of transgression. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though it palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear, but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time.” Daniel. H. Kress, M.D.
  8. “Every drug increases and complicates the patients condition.” Robert Henderson, M.D.
  9. “Medicine is only palliative, for back of disease lies the cause, and this cause no drug can reach.” Wier Mitchel, M.D.
  10. “The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.” William Osler, M.D.
  11. “Medical practice has neither philosophy nor common sense to recommend it. In sickness the body is already loaded with impurities. By taking drug – medicines more impurities are added, thereby the case is further embarrassed and harder to cure.” Elmer Lee, M.D., Past Vice President, Academy of Medicine.
  12. “Our figures show approximately four and one half million hospital admissions annually due to the adverse reactions to drugs. Further, the average hospital patient has as much as thirty percent chance, depending how long he is in, of doubling his stay due to adverse drug reactions.” Milton Silverman, M.D. (Professor of Pharmacology, University of California)
  13. “Why would a patient swallow a poison because he is ill, or take that which would make a well man sick.” L.F. Kebler, M.D.
  14. “What hope is there for medical science to ever become a true science when the entire structure of medical knowledge is built around the idea that there is an entity called disease which can be expelled when the right drug is found?” John H. Tilden, M.D.
  15. “The necessity of teaching mankind not to take drugs and medicines, is a duty incumbent upon all who know their uncertainty and injurious effects; and the time is not far distant when the drug system will be abandoned.” Charles Armbruster, M. D.
  16. “We are prone to thinking of drug abuse in terms of the male population and illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. It may surprise you to learn that a greater problem exists with millions of women dependent on legal prescription drugs.” Robert Mendelsohn, M.D