Here’s how fluoride destroys your health in obvious, and not so obvious, ways

Few people realize just how far-reaching the effects of long-term exposure to fluoride can be. Dental fluorosis may be the most obvious manifestation of fluoride damage as it discolors and pits people’s teeth, but much of the other harm it causes is not as easy to see and is often blamed on something else. Here’s a look at a few of the ways in which fluoride destroys your health.
Cognitive and IQ problems
Many people feel fluoridated water is a big reason for the general “dumbing down” of society we’ve seen in recent years. It makes sense when you consider that fluoride is a neurotoxin and 50 human studies have linked exposure to it with lower intelligence.
It affects people of all ages, with fetal brain development also suffering from fluoride exposure. One study from Harvard Medical School linked elevated levels of fluoride to lowered IQs in children. Other studies have found that it can cause memory impairments and even brain damage.


I’m sharing my story to give awareness. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and had a regular check up with my OB last Friday. My baby boy Brodie was healthy, and had a strong heartbeat. I’ve had a great pregnancy with no complications.
Through out my pregnancy I have listened to both sides of the vaccine conservation and regretfully should have stuck with mother’s intuition. During my visit, I chose to take the TDAP vaccine. Instantly I had an overwhelming fear, guilt and remorse for what i did..
Brodie immediately stopped moving and sometime this weekend he passed away. All weekend I had a gut feeling he wasn’t with me anymore.
I am a normal person that only wanted one thing in life, to be a mom. I got overwhelmed at times reading all the posts on here and trusted my doctors.
I’m sharing my story to those like me, who live busy lives, work full time and trust the medical system.
RIP Brodie Alexander.

Vaccines Cause Child’s Autism, Doctor Recovers Child

James, was healthy, happy, calm, and developing normally until he was vaccinated at 17 months old. His parents keenly recall the night of his vaccination because his behavior started to change and his health began to deteriorate. Every part of James’s fragile body was negatively impacted: which included his sleep patterns, a loss in vocabulary, and his body’s inability to thrive, gain weight, and grow hair.
This family, like countless others featured on this website, witnessed the traumatic decline of their child’s health, personality, and capabilities following vaccination. For this family, they were surprised to learn their son was suffering from a severe vaccine injury – encephalopathy (severe brain swelling)! In fact, this young boy’s bodily systems were shutting down, according to his doctor. His mom, Heather, continued to investigate and through the help of their experienced functional medicine doctor, her son gradually regained his health over the course of two years through a constellation approach of detoxifying, diet/nutrition, supplements, additional therapies, and continual testing. Heather shares her compelling story as a way to provide comfort, hope, and encouragement to other parents with children on the autism spectrum disorder and who are vaccine-injured.

2 Babies Dead 3 Minutes After MMR Vaccine

News has just emerged that two one-year old children died within minutes of receiving the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination in the villages of Safatou and Sasina in Samoa. The deaths took place three days ago on the 6th of July.
The family of the first child told reporters that their daughter, Lannacallystah Samuelu, was dead only 3 minutes after the nurse administered the vaccine.
The family of another one-year-old, Lameko Siu, heard of Lannacallystah’s death which had occurred just two hours earlier. As a result, the mother refused vaccination for fear that her son would suffer a similar fate.
Ignoring the wishes of this family, the hospital nurse administered the vaccine and within a minute, this child was also dead.
Vaccines seized – investigation ordered
The Samoan Minister of Health has ordered all MMR vaccines in the country to be seized and a full investigation to commence immediately.
This tragedy highlights the real risks vaccinations can and do pose to both children and adults.
Due to Australia’s current coercive vaccination policies of No Jab No Pay/No Play, there are many families who are also being pushed against their will to vaccinate even though they fear it may harm or even kill their children.
Tasha David, AVN President and a person of Samoan descent, is horrified by this situation. “It is well described in the medical literature that indigenous communities can be far more vulnerable to harm caused by vaccination. Six of my eight children are vaccine injured and my family’s situation is not uncommon. Yet the Government of Australia wants to force us to place our children in harm’s way – just as the hospital in Samoa harmed these children.
“Our hearts go out to these families! We hope the investigation will be a prompt and honest one and that justice will prevail. The AVN is passionate about the health of all children and their families. All we ask is for our own informed health choices to be respected.”

Removing Children's Tonsils and Adenoids Increases Risk for 28 Diseases

While the conventional medical establishment calls for the removal of “broken” or “defective” body parts, a watershed study on the long-term effects of tonsillectomy and adenoid removal calls into question the propriety of this surgery, performed on nearly half-a-million children in the United States each year.
Children who had undergone tonsillectomies were found to have a nearly three-fold increase in the risk of developing certain diseases of the upper respiratory tract, including asthma, influenza, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Removal of adenoids in addition to tonsils more than quadrupled chances of developing allergies, inner-ear inflammation, and sinusitis.
Researchers postulate that these glands may form a protective barrier between invasive bacteria and viruses seeking to take hold in the sensitive and receptive tissues of the lungs and throat. The positioning of these glands may provide an important filtering function in this vital intersection where our breath collides with the detritus of the outside world. Considering the study found a sharp increase to risk factors for more than 28 diseases, do results indicate that these seemingly innocuous glands play a larger role in immune system functioning than has previously been credited?
It’s clear, according to Dr. Byers, that these findings support, at minimum, delaying tonsil and adenoid removal surgeries to allow for the complete development of a child’s immune system. It is also clear that prevailing medical wisdom needs to evolve beyond the viewpoint that our internal organs perform in isolation, and malfunctioning body parts can simply be removed without affecting the whole. “As we uncover more about the function of immune tissues and the lifelong consequences of their removal, especially during sensitive ages when the body is developing, this will hopefully help guide treatment decisions for parents and doctors.” Dr. Byers expressed. It is imperative that the medical establishment integrates new findings such as these with immediacy, so that another generation of young people don’t suffer due to rigid conformance with such misguided traditions.

Eating Dates Produces Powerful Health Benefits, Religion and Science Agree

Since biblical times, dates were to believed to possess profound healing properties, but only now is science catching up to confirm our distant ancestors knew exactly what they were talking about.

Evidence is accumulating that hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields can cause high blood sugar

Despite claims that electromagnetic fields are safe and that the radiation emitted from cellphones and other gadgets isn’t a threat to human health, studies are showing that the risks are real.
A growing body of evidence shows that there may be an unseen cause of high blood sugar: Electromagnetic radiation. And for people with diabetes, exposure to this invisible threat can be an even bigger problem.
The eletrosensitivity described by Dr. Havas was originally described as “radio wave sickness” in the 1970s. Symptoms occur or worsen with exposure to cellphone towers, smart meters and other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.
Magda Havas, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, has published peer-reviewed research in the journla Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine on this most alarming phenomenon. Dr. Havas presents multiple case studies showing that electromagnetic radiation [EMR] can cause a spike in blood glucose levels.
Across the board, Dr. Havas found evidence of what she called people who were “electrosensitive.” In all cases, installation of electrical filters reduced the subjects’ need for insulin. In one case, the 81-year-old woman was able to reduce her insulin use by 75 percent — just from installing an electrical filter.
While high blood pressure is undoubtedly a major health concern, it is not the only consequence of electromagnetic radiation exposure. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that exposure to EMR can have an array of ill effects on human health.
In 2017, scientists discovered that real-world exposure levels of EMR were potent enough to increase the risk of miscarriage in otherwise healthy pregnant women. Over 900 women were asked to wear a device which would record their EMR exposure levels for the course of a 24-hour period. Based on the study’s findings, the rate of miscarriage in women exposed to higher levels of EMR are nearly double that of the general population. In the lowest-exposure ranking, miscarriage occurred in 10.4 percent of women. Comparatively, 24.2 percent of women from higher-level exposure groups experienced a miscarriage.
De-Kun Li, MD, Ph.D., principal investigator of the study, commented, “This study provides evidence from a human population that magnetic field non-ionizing radiation could have adverse biological impacts on human health.”
Recent research has also linked EMR from cellphones to brain cancer. Despite assurances, it is clear that caution needs to be exercised with technology.

Use Sunscreen or Die – Not!

It’s hard to believe that Big Beauty was able to convince billions of people that they have to use sunscreen every day or die.
But their whole sales pitch is built on a huge myth…
They want you to believe Mother Nature made a deadly mistake when she designed human skin. They want you to think the sun is your skin’s biggest enemy. And only their toxic chemicals can save you.
Nothing could be further from the truth…
Your skin is perfectly designed for life on Earth. Our native ancestors survived and thrived outdoors. They lived and worked in the sun’s rays every day. They didn’t use sunscreen and they didn’t burn themselves to a crisp or die off from diseases caused by the sun.