Google apocalypse looms large By Dr. Mercola

I’ve written about the dangers of monopolies within the drug and agricultural industries on numerous occasions, but Google is perhaps one of the greatest monopolies that ever existed on the planet. The reason why I’ve decided to address Google here is because the technology giant is injecting itself ever deeper into our day-to-day lives, from childhood education to patented meat substitutes and health care, and with its internet monopoly and personal information tracking and sharing.

iPhone Face ID – A good Thing Or Not?

iPhone Face ID - A good Thing Or Not?
Interesting extrapolation… …you might say that that’s not a problem if you have done nothing wrong. And if all Police were 100% honest, it might not be. But if a dishonest law enforcement official unlocks your phone they can then do ANYTHING that you would do and it could be attributed to you. Something to think on…