The Vast Majority of People Die From Ignorance or Stupidity

How can I say that when many die of heart attack and cancer etc.? Let me explain.
Miriam Webster defines stupid as, “acting in an unintelligent or careless manner”. One aspect of stupidity would be the unknownness of consequences. Another would be deliberately acting contrary to one’s own best interests.
The vast majority of people die from avoidable diseases. This means they must be operating on false data or (ignorance) or deliberately acting contrary to one’s own best interests (stupidity).
By observation and deduction, a normal person eats without thought to consequences. A wise person uses diet and lifestyle to maintain optimal health without disease and minimal signs of aging.
With regards to eating and exercise I have not been wise enough the majority of my life. I have not had the data I now possess.
I do not wish you to make the same mistakes I have made without at least being given the opportunity to have the correct data. What you do with the knowledge once you have it is your responsibility and will depend totally on your level of intelligence and self-discipline.
Ignorance or non-application of this data will kill you dead. It is doing so right now to vast majority of people in the western civilisation.
Don’t be one of them.
Enjoy the healthy senior years that are not just possible but are eminently obtainable GIVEN YOUR APPLICATION OF THE RIGHT DATA! Get your copy of “How to Live the Healthiest Life” now at

An Average of 70 Side Effects for Every Prescription Drug

Dr. Jon Duke is an assistant professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine and an investigator with the Regenstrief Institute, a respected research organization. He & two colleagues examined 5,600 drug labels with a total of 500,000 side effects. Drugs with the longest list of health risks included antidepressants.