Behind The Green Mask

May be an image of cloud and text that says "30 X 30 LAND GRAB"

Under the guise of saving nature, the Albanese government has signed Australia up to one of the biggest land grabs in history.

Dubbed 30 by 30, the goal is to set aside 30 percent of Australia’s land mass within a National Reserve System by 2030.

And thirty percent is just the beginning.

30 by 30 grew out of a thesis by the eugenicist Dr Edward O Wilson of Harvard University, who maintained that humans should occupy no more than one half of the earth – and not the best half either.

His mantra was “Nature needs half”.

The ultimate goal, therefore, is to lock away 50 percent of the earth by 2050.

For decades, Australian governments have pursued policies harmful to agriculture and a productive economy.

30 by 30 will take this to the next level.

Setting aside that much land and water for conservation will ultimately destroy food production and regional economies.

It will mean a massive expansion of national parks, marine exclusion zones, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, conservation easements, rural road and stock route closures and Indigenous Protected Areas.

Eventually, all human activity will simply be removed from these areas, including stock grazing, mining, timber production and all forms of recreational and Indigenous land use.

That’s something seldom mentioned. Indigenous land use.

For 30 by 30 to work, the government will need Australia’s Traditional Land-owners to surrender all rights to access and use of the land held in their name.

This dispossession of Indigenous rights has been hidden behind endless platitudes about “treaties”, “conservation management agreements” and letting them “have a say” in what is happening, but the sub-text is clear.

30 by 30’s goal will restrict ALL human access to the land and waterways – and not just ‘whitey’.
That’s why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, more than anyone else, should be raising hell about 30 by 30.

All the platitudes, treaties and ‘compensations’ in the world, will be nothing beside the permanent loss of their sovereign right to roam over and use the land itself.

The roots of 30 by 30 lie in a radical green agenda called the “Wildlands Project”, from the 1990s.

The Project’s goal is to move humans into highly controlled, and restrictive ‘human settlement zones’, leaving most of the continent off limits.

It’s a ‘bait and switch’ aimed at removing people’s private property rights and placing control in the hands of an elite band of unelected technocrats, NGOs and their billionaire sugar daddies.

All done by stealth using the old Fabian tactic of ‘step-change’.

Once 2030 rolls around, much harsher ‘targets’ will be set for 2040 and 2050.

Each benchmark geared towards gently easing the human race into perpetual serfdom.

Hisashimichi Interchange

Hisashimichi Interchange

Hisashimichi Interchange is a Japanese highway junction, made with minimum loss to Environment. This is a seriously impressive engineering masterpiece situated in Hachioji, near Tokyo, Japan.