Ryan’s Rule

Katrina, my rep at Morlife from where I purchase a great many of my powders, and I were talking at length. She asked me to share with you Ryan’s Rule, a piece of Queensland legislation. If you are in a hospital and you are not convinced that the care being administered to your child is appropriate to their individuial needs you can ask for Ryan’s Rule to be invoked which necessitates a complete change in the medical staff on your child’s case. Keep that in mind! https://www.health.qld.gov.au/cairns_hinterland/html/ryan-home
Oh, and a similar provision applies in NSW too. Ryan’s Rule applies within Queensland only, but there is a similar system called REACH in NSW and CARE in the ACT.

Proteolytic Enzymes

Systemic proteolytic enzymes are hot. Even medical doctors are looking at proteolytic enzymes for autoimmune conditions, post-surgical recovery, viral infections, asthma, and much more. 

Systemic enzymes formulas are not to be confused with digestive enzyme supplements, which you take with meals to compensate for all of the enzyme dead cooked and processed foods you eat. 

Unlike digestive enzymes, systemic proteolytic enzymes are a different formula and are taken between meals on an empty stomach so that they enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your entire system, breaking down undesirable proteins, optimizing your blood, and assisting with intelligent, adaptive healing in every organ in your body. Proteolytic enzymes support your body’s ability to:

Control inflammation throughout the body, not just in your joints.
Assist in the break up and removal of mucus in your lungs.
Maximize the ability of your lungs to take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide.
Nutritionally support the repair and rebuilding of the cardiovascular system.
Optimize blood flow.
Assist your body in preventing and dissolving blood clots.
Help your body dissolve plaque in your arteries and dental plaque in your mouth.
Clean up your immune system.
Minimize the impact of allergies.
Improve the ability to exercise or perform athletically and speed up recovery times.

And these benefits stem from one simple ability: the proteolytic enzymes in this formula facilitate the breakdown of questionable proteins in your bloodstream and in the soft tissues of your body. 

For example, they help with illness. Just about everything that makes us sick (from invading pathogens to cancerous cells) is either a protein or is protected by a protein and is therefore subject to control by proteolytic enzymes. Select proteolytic enzymes have the ability to digest and destroy the protein-based defense shield of many pathogens, allergens, and rogue cells, thereby assisting in their ultimate elimination. And in addition to everything else, since they make their way into your bloodstream and soft tissue, they support the breakdown of circulating immune complexes stashed throughout your body, thus lessening the chances of allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders, and systemic inflammation.

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Court Rules Vaccines Contribute to and Cause SIDS Deaths

Baby and Teddy Bear

SIDS attributed to vaccines. “It is more likely than not that the vaccines played a substantial causal role in the death of J.B. without the effect of which he would not have died. ” This important case decision validates that vaccines can contribute to and cause SIDS deaths in infants. There are no words to describe the importance of this decision. The Courts, FDA and independent science have all confirmed that vaccines contribute to the deaths of infants. And yet, public campaigns blame sleeping positions and co-sleeping as the primary culprits in the deaths of our most vulnerable.