Our Daughter’s Nightly Struggle

Our Daughter's Nightly Struggle

My daughter is 16 and like all teens deals with social drama and ups and downs. I want her to have a cell phone for safety, but last year I began to realize that she was using it for much more than that. She was staying up late at night texting and on social media, and the beautiful daughter I know and love was, quite frankly, becoming awful to live with.

After investigating her hours of late night phone use (which for a technology challenged mom like myself was no easy task), my husband and I decided it was time for us to start putting her device in our room at bedtime. I honestly had no idea how much this decision would impact her. After she blew up in anger, she began sobbing and puddled on the floor. As I held her, I just listened. Listened to all the worries and fears of fitting in and keeping up, but there was something even more alarming keeping her up at night… …my daughter had been counseling another teen late at night who was suicidal. Her huge heart had been on high alert. She HAD to stay up and be available at all times “in case” her friend needed her.


Important Vax Rights Attorney “Witch Hunt” Update!

Alan Phillips

The nation’s leading Vaccine Rights attorney, Alan Phillips, is being sued by the NC State Bar in a classic “witch hunt.” Designed from the start to take Phillips’ law license, the lawsuit, supported by invented facts and law, is an attack on Phillips and the entire alternative vaccine community, because Phillips has dared to publicly challenge vaccine corruption and to help people nationally exercise their legal right to refuse vaccines required at birth, daycare, school, college, employment, military, immigration, etc. This should be no surprise, as North Carolina (where Phillips is licensed) is known as “Vaccine Central” in the pharma industry.


Sugar and Cancer, the Direct Connection

Sugar and Cancer, the Direct Connection

According to researchers, sugar and cancer are indeed connected. “We were surprised to realize that changes in our metabolism caused by dietary sugar impact on our cancer risk,” said Dr. Garcia-Jimenez.


Unsolicited Testimonial For My DigestEasy Nutrition Powder For People With Digestive Issues

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to write this email to give you my review with your products of 20/12 and DigestEasy. As I have been using the products for about 2 months and a few weeks now, I have had an enormous improvement with my gut health. As I suffer from Left-sided colitis these products have really helped me in my digestive system to regularly go to the toilet, digest my food faster as I have a slow metabolism and I hardly have any gastric symptoms. I really love how your products are organic and that I haven’t had any bad reactions to the products except bloating from the DigestEasy but overall, I just wanted to say thank you and I will consider using your products in the future.

Kind Regards