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Picked up a hitchhiker the other night…

Hitchhiker; aren’t you afraid that I might be a serial killer or something?

Me; No way! Do you know the odds, of one serial killer, picking up another serial killer?

My 90s Were The Most Productive Years Of My Life

For your new year resolutions, here is one of the more inspirational stories I have come across that shows you really are never too old to kick goals. So make sure you set some good ones for yourself this year!

Harry Bernstein wrote 40 books but destroyed the manuscripts after they were all rejected by publishers. Bernstein was 93 when his wife of 67 years died and started writing to help deal with his grief. He spent 3 years writing his memoir “The Invisible Wall.” He sent the manuscript to many New York publishers, all of whom turned it down.
Then he sent it to an editor at Random House in the UK, where it sat in a pile of unsolicited manuscripts for a year before it was read by a stunned publishing director who immediately recognized it as inspired writing.

It was published in 2007 when Mr. Bernstein was 98. He would write three more acclaimed books, all of which were published, up until his death at 101. Bernstein called his 90s, “the most productive years of my life.”

Man is left unable to speak, walk, see or even BREATHE less than two days after getting the flu jab

Shane Morgan got the flu shot on November 2nd. And he was left unable to speak, walk, see or even breathe less than two days afterwards.

According to doctors, the shot gave him Guillain-Barré Syndrome, considered a “very rare” side effect by the CDC. And they’re still warning us that we NEED the flu shot to save our lives.

Here’s the truth. While this syndrome is a rare side effect, there are tons of common serious side effects from the flu shot. And you’ll never hear them from your doctor… because doctors aren’t told about them.


To find out the common serious side effects of the flu shot, plus natural ways to protect yourself during cold and flu season, just click the link below.

World’s first no-kill eggs go on sale in Berlin

An estimated 4-6 billion male chicks are slaughtered globally every year because they serve no economic purpose. Some are suffocated, others are fed alive into grinding or shredding machines to be processed into reptile food.

The culling is a messy solution to a thorny problem of modern poultry farming. Humans have bred chickens for one of two purposes: to produce eggs, or meat. Yet half of all the animals bred for this purpose are considered useless. Male chicks lay no eggs and don’t grow fast enough to justify the cost of feeding them up for meat. So, they are simply destroyed.

The world’s first ever no-kill eggs are now on sale in Berlin after German scientists found an easy way to determine a chick’s gender before it hatches, in a breakthrough that could put an end to the annual live shredding of billions of male chicks worldwide.


Prenatal vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk for schizophrenia

Despite being simple and inexpensive to address, vitamin D deficiency is epidemic around the world, and evidence suggests vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy plays an important role in the development of several chronic health problems, and raises the risk of complications for the mother as well.

For example, research1 by GrassrootsHealth shows 40 to 60 percent of preterm births could be prevented by raising pregnant women’s vitamin D to a level of 40 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). Vitamin D optimization also reduces the mother’s risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and prenatal infections by approximately 50 percent.

Research also confirms there is a lifelong impact for children born of vitamin D deficient mothers, ranging from childhood allergies and more frequent colds and flu, to a greater risk for diabetes, autism, strokes, cardiovascular disease, and, as recently confirmed, schizophrenia — a mental condition characterized by hallucinations, delusions and cognitive impairment.