MSM Harmful If Swallowed

MSM Harmful If Swallowed
I Remember When America Was A Free Country Paul Craig Roberts
In the Western World truth, justice, and liberty are in total collapse. They cannot be resurrected and restored without information. Few people have that information. The young are born into what exists, and as the tyranny increases year by year, tyranny becomes the natural order to them. Indeed, they do not recognize tyranny. Their cell phones, social media, and the Internet give them the illusion of freedom. The old are lost in the controversies of their time: The Russians are communists, only hippies, left-wingers, and communists distrust the great and good US government. In short, the vast bulk of the American people haven’t a clue. When readers ask me to tell them the solution, what to do, my answer is that nothing can be done until enough people are informed. Informing is my job. Support my efforts and those of a few others whose only agenda is to inform.
In America, and throughout the Western world, it is harder and harder to speak the truth. Indeed, truth is such a devalued virtue that to speak it almost qualifies one as a criminal. If you want truth spoken, you must support it.
Now for the column:
I remember when America was a free country. You could get on an airliner without an ID. Driving licenses didn’t even have photos. If a friend was coming through your city on a flight and had a few hours layover, you could meet them inside the airport for lunch or dinner. You could meet friends, children, and relatives at the gate or see them off at the gate. Parents could actually put children on the plane and grandparents could take them off.
Your flight ticket was good at any airline. If something happened to your flight or you missed it, you could use the ticket on another airline going to the same place. On international flights you were permitted two free stopovers prior to your destination. If you were going to Athens, Greece, for example, you could first visit Paris and then Rome. It worked both ways, over and back. So one air ticket, six cities.
I can remember when you could enter a Manhattan office building without having to show an ID, be looked up on a list, and cleared in, and when you could check in a hotel without an ID and paid your bill when you checked out, with cash if you preferred. The only evidence of your name was the one you gave when you checked in.
Cars didn’t beep at you and neither did appliances nor construction machinery. The world was a quieter, less noise-disturbed place.
Common sense was more prevalent. Today it is hard to find any common sense. The British parliament is debating a law that would criminalize upskirt photographs. The “invasion of privacy” would have a price tag of two years imprisonment. Yet government can invade our privacy at will with street cameras, traffic cameras, read our emails, listen to our telephone calls, monitor our credit card purchases. Serious kinds of privacy invasion run amuck, but parents cannot find out if an underaged daughter is pregnant or has VD.
As kids we ran free. Heaven help a parent that permitted that today. Oh, but times are more dangerous today we are told. What made today more dangerous? Failures in public policy. The government has made life more dangerous and less free.
Give the punishment of upskirt photos a moment’s thought. Laws end up being applied to the limit of their logic. Initially, enforcement might require a complaint from the person whose privacy is violated. But it wouldn’t be long before the act itself was the crime, complaint or not.
The photographer of the famous 1954 upskirt photo of Marilyn Monroe would be in danger and perhaps Marilyn herself as an accomplice. And what about all the people who looked at the photo. Aren’t they also privacy invaders?
There is now a giant statue depicting the upskirt photo. What would be its legal implications?
Women show much more of themselves intentionally in string bikinis and thongs or in short shorts and halters than is revealed by upskirt photos. Under the English law, would a photo of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in action be considered a criminal offense?
Would TV shows such as this one be considered a violation?
Let’s move on to more serious examples of the crackpot laws of our time. In yet another assertion of the universal applicability of US laws, a collection of congressional nitwits has proposed a law that would punish those who make, distribute or use banned substances at international sports events with a $250,000 fine and 10 years imprisonment. The US law would apply to athletes of other countries at events held in other countries.
Washington in its hubris has long asserted its right to legislate for other countries, and the idiot governments of the world have subjected themselves to Washington’s legal authority. Not long ago a French bank was fined billions of dollars by Washington for financing companies doing business with Iran. A French shipbuilder was forced by Washington to cancel at its expense a contract with Russia, proving that France is not a sovereign country. Washington decrees sanctions on Russia, and any country that does not comply with Washington’s edict is punished. As far as Washington is concerned, Washington rules the world and the sovereignty of other nations does not exist.
I can tell you exactly how this law will be used. Washington will use one of its paid foreign NGO operatives in Russia, a traitor stupidly tolerated by the Russian government, or elsewhere to allege doping among Russian athletes, just as Washington is suspected of having paid Grigory Rodchenkov, the Russian lab director, with asylum, allowing him to escape justice in Russia, for inventing the story of Russian state organized mass use of banned substances.
The orchestrated scandal was used to prevent Russian participation in the Olympics. It was part of Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia and blacken its reputation in order to prevent normalization of relations that would threaten the trillion dollar US military/security budget that comes out of US taxpayers’ pockets and which threatens also the power that goes with the money. We can’t afford Social Security and Medicare, but we can afford the needless military/security complex’s annual budget of one trillion dollars.
If the bill becomes law, it would be extremely dangerous for Russian athletes to participate in sports events in the US or in countries that have treaties with Washington, as accusation alone would result in their arrest and seizure. Under the proposed law, the accused athletes have to prove their innocence, which Washington would make impossible. The Russian government would either have to invoke some law with which to arrest Americans to trade for the athletes, go to war, or accept the humiliation of being unable to rescue Russia’s finest athletes from US prisons. Don’t expect the congressional nitwits behind this bill to consider any of its dire consequences. They lack the intelligence. They are totally absorbed in American exceptionalism. As far as the congressional nitwits are concerned, America is the salt of the earth, after Israel, of course.
In the US laws now destroy law and the liberty that once was protected by law. It happened over time as various causes—the war on crime, the war on drugs, the war on child abuse, the war on tax evasion, the war on terrorism—over-rode the protective features of law in order to more easily arrest and convict the targeted. Each do-good agenda reduced liberty in the interest of easy and abundant convictions. All neglected Sir Thomas More’s questions in A Man For All Seasons: What happens when we have cut down the law in order to better chase after the Devil, and the Devil turns on us? Where is our protection when the law is cut down?
This is the problem of Americans today. Justice is no longer a goal of the justice system. Conviction and clearing court dockets are the goals that unite prosecutors and judges. Ninety-seven percent of felonies are settled with plea bargains, which means that the evidence against the defendant is never tested in court. The defendant is convicted by self-incrimination.
Whether innocent or guilty, defendants and their attorneys are afraid of a trial for many reasons. Trials take up far more time than plea bargains and thereby make prosecutors and judges angry because they reduce the number of convictions that the prosecutor can cite as evidence of his effectiveness (dozens of plea bargains can be processed during the duration of one trial) and crowd the judge’s docket by forcing him to study the case. Consequently, the punishment from conviction at trial is much harsher than the sentence from a plea bargain.
Even an innocent person is afraid of the risk of a trial. Prosecutors are permitted to pay witnesses with money, light sentences, and dropped charges for testimony against a suspect they desire to convict. The testimony can be false, but nothing can be done about it unless the prosecutor indicts his or her own witness. No intelligent or skeptical persons are allowed on a jury. Jurors are of the belief that where there is smoke there is fire and that the defendant would not be on trial if he were not guilty. Grand juries are even more easily manipulated and deceived. They are putty in the hands of prosecutors.
Thanks to the War on Drugs, innocent Americans are faced with asset forfeiture. There is a notorious section of an Interstate highway in Tennesses where various local police jurisdictions fight over who gets to stop out-of-state cars and rob them of their cash if it exceeds $100 on the grounds that the sum indicates the intent to either buy or sell drugs. In The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Lawrence Stratton and I provide many examples of innocent Americans losing their money, their properties, and even their lives to the asset forfiture rules of the War on Drugs.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
For example, Selena Washington, a black woman who understood that she could not purchase thousands of dollars of construction materials with which to repair her hurricane damaged home with a check, drove along I-95 in Florida with $19,000 in cash from the insurance settlement to pay for the materials that would be used to restore her home. She was stopped, searched without a warrant and her $19,000 was stolen by the police. After much stress, eventually she was able to recover $15,000 of the theft by agreeing that the police could keep $4,000.
Willie Jones, a black nurseryman, who understood that he had to pay cash to restock his nursery, made the mistake of using cash, a legitimate means of payment, to purchase an airline ticket. The brainwashed airline ticket agent notified police as a cash ticket purchase fits the profile of a drug dealer. Jones’ cash was confiscated, and his nursery was not restocked.
Multimillionaire Donald Scott lost his life, because of a police plot to confiscate his 200 acre Malibu, California, estate for the US Park Service. The corrupt police claimed to have witnessed from overflying the estate marijuana plants on his land. An army of 30 armed agents invaded his home at night and shot him dead when he came from his bedroom to see what was happening. There were no marijuana plants on his estate. What in the world would a multimillionaire heir to a known fortune need to raise marijuana to sell for money? Yet the police got off with the murder.
Asset forfeiture was extended beyond the drug trade. People have lost their motels because a customer had a prostitute in the rented room.
Thanks to the War on Terrorism, the attorney-client privilege is dead as witnessed by the false imprisonment of Lynn Stewart. Thanks to the War on Terrorism, due process is dead along with habeas corpus. American citizens can now be arrested and held in prison indefinitely for the rest of their lives without a trial or any evidence ever being presented to a court. This was a creation of the criminal George W. Bush regime. Americans can now be executed without due process of law, which means without evidence brought against them in a court and conviction on the evidence. This was a creation of the criminal Obama regime. George W. Bush and Obama presided over the two worst criminal governments in human history.
In America today, law is declared as edicts from the executive, justified by illogical and nonsensical legal memos, such as those written by John Yoo, from the corrupt Department of Justice (sic). For his service to the police state, John Choon Yoo from Korea was made the Emanuel S.Heller Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. Go to Berkeley’s law school to learn the non-existence of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Learn how whatever the executive wants to do is the law.
In other words, just as there is no respect for the law in prosecutorial offices and courts, there is none in law schools and bar associations.
America is without a defender of law, except for organizations such as the Rutherford Institute and, occasionally, the American Civil Liberties Union. As often as not the ACLU is off-track worrying about “transgender rights” while the Bill of Rights is eviscerated.
Justice, the rule of law, these are in the way of the elites and have been discarded. The American people are so poorly educated and informed that they do not understand the consequences of the demise of the laws that once upheld the US Constitution.
The corrupt, degenerate, inhumane world that is the Western world is the world that the insane Russian liberals cannot wait to join. The idiot Russian liberals deserve no better, but, of course, it means that the entire world is going down the tubes, not only the Western world.
Before succumbing to despair, be informed that my articles are translated and published internationally in many languages. I have been informed by one large Russian newspaper, which regularly translates and publishes my columns that it knows not how many read the print version but the online version of my column, “Is Europe Too Brainwashed To Normalize Relations With Russia?,” was read by 300,956 online readers.
This is the readership of just one newspaper in Russia. My world wide audience is many times larger than the New York Times and my credibility, despite the continuous attacks, is far greater than the Western TV media.

Sudden density of warnings of financial crisis

Former economic adviser to Australia’s coalition parties, John Adams, has continued to sound his warning of “economic Armageddon”, in on 18 June.
Click here to read “Six pathways to Australia’s ‘economic Armageddon’”.
The latest analysis from Adams coincides with a sudden density of warnings from experts and commentators of another global financial crisis.
The 18 June Sydney Morning Herald carried a column from the London Telegraph by British financial reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, headlined “A worldwide financial storm is brewing as central banks pick their poison”.
Evans-Pritchard warned that the US Federal Reserve’s commitment to raising interest rates, in the belief that the post-2008 GFC economy has finally recovered, and despite other signs of trouble, is a huge risk to the debt that has piled up worldwide (including in Australia) due to the years of low and zero interest rates.
A 13 June Australian Financial Review article by Patrick Commins, “Is an Australian financial crisis on the cards?”, analysed a new report by Capital Economics titled, “Is a financial crisis looming?” Capital Economics chief Australia economist Paul Dales writes in the report, “Economic history shows that there is usually a consequence of a prolonged period of rapidly rising debt, the only question is: how bad will the consequence be.”
Also on 13 June, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a column by Australian banking expert Satyajit Das, “Brace yourself: Why the fallout from the next GFC will be much worse”.
Das described what happens when many investors realise a crisis is looming and all try to exit the casino at the same time: “No one can predict how bad the next financial crisis will be”, he wrote. “What’s certain, though, is that a lack of liquidity will make the fallout much worse.”
These followed a shocking 8 June analysis in the Washington Post, “Beware the ‘mother of all credit bubbles’”, by Steven Pearlstein. Sticking to the theme of the build-up of debt, Pearlstein warned that the corporate debt pile in the USA is as big a threat to the system as the mortgage debt was prior to 2008. “Now, 12 years later, it’s happening again”, he wrote. “This time, however, it’s not households using cheap debt to take cash out of their overvalued homes. Rather, it is giant corporations using cheap debt—and a one-time tax windfall—to take cash from their balance sheets and send it to shareholders… nd once again, they are diverting capital from productive long-term investment to further inflate a financial bubble—this one in corporate stocks and bonds—that, when it bursts, will send the economy into another recession.”
Economic Armageddon
Reporting on John Adams’ analysis, wrote, “The future is going to be very bad. It’s not a question of if or even when, but how. That’s the view of Australian economist John Adams, who says ‘economic Armageddon’ awaits us—we just don’t know what particular version it will take.”
Adams laid out six scenarios defining the coming economic Armageddon, which he said will be shaped by whether the world goes into an environment of rising interest rates and “quantitative tightening” of the money supply, or keeps low or falling rates and more quantitative easing (QE) of the money supply. His point is, either way, disaster looms.
The first scenario is debt-deflationary recession or depression, brought on by rising interest rates sparking massive defaults on the mountain of global debt. “Given that the modern financial system is both global and highly interconnected, a critical event involving a systemically large institution anywhere in the world is likely to spread across world financial markets and impact all economies, including Australia”, Adams wrote.
Of course, it is equally a danger that such a crisis may start in Australia with a crash of the housing bubble that wipes out the major banks, which would trigger debt and derivatives defaults to international creditors and counterparties, causing the crisis to spread worldwide.
Scenario two is a sovereign debt crisis, from one or more governments defaulting on their debt. Adams explained, “A sovereign debt crisis has the potential to engulf other sections of the global financial system and the global economy if either a partial or full default results in causing financial difficulties for bond holders (which is likely to be other governments or institutional investors such as banks and investment funds). The spreading of such a crisis is known as contagion.”
Adams’ third scenario is a local currency crisis, like the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when foreign creditors suddenly lose confidence and withdraw their capital quickly. This can set off a global chain reaction.
Scenario four is local runaway inflation potentially leading to hyperinflation, from the excessive creation of money relative to productive activity. According to Adams, “The global quantity of money and credit relative to size of the global economy is at a record historic high, which is now resulting in accelerating official rates of rising consumer prices across both developed (e.g. the US, Canada, Germany and Spain) and developing (e.g. the Philippines) economies.”
The fifth scenario is stagflation, which is defined as high inflation but low growth, a phenomenon associated with the 1970s, but actually more common. Analysts cited by Adams are warning that the rapid expansion of money that risks the runaway inflation of scenario four is combining with obstacles to growth such as very poor productivity in Western economies.
The final scenario is a global currency crisis, which could be triggered by a collapse of international confidence in a global reserve currency, such as the US dollar, due to the eroding effects of continual QE money printing.
At the heart of all of these warnings, by Adams and others, is a global financial system that is disconnected from the real economy, hence a build-up of debt which cannot be repaid under normal interest rates. This is why the Citizens Electoral Council is part of a global campaign to bring the financial system back into sync with the real economy, starting with a Glass-Steagall separation between banks that provide financial services to real people and productive businesses, and all forms of financial speculation. It is urgent that this fight succeeds—join us.
Join the fight for Glass-Steagall in Australia
Bob Katter plans to introduce an Australian Glass-Steagall bill into Parliament. Here’s what you can do to get your MP to support this bill:
Sign the CEC’s new petition: To the Commonwealth Parliament: Pass Australian Glass-Steagall Bill to break up the banks! Every signature generates an email to leading MPs informing them of the public’s support for Glass-Steagall.
Get a copy of this bill to your Federal Member of Parliament plus any Senator/s you can. Urge them to not only read it themselves, but press them to support Bob Katter’s bill for Glass-Steagall. The very best way is to make an appointment and go and see the MP in person—MPs really want to know what their constituents think and this will make a big impression on them. If that’s not possible, email or mail the document with a personal cover note asking them to support the bill in Parliament, and to let you know whether they will.
Share copies with others: State MPs, any media you can contact, councils, unions, church leaders, community groups, etc. and get any concerned people you know to visit their MP as well; and on Facebook etc., or with your email address book, urging everyone you know to get involved.

Top Merck scientist openly admits adding cancer, HIV, leukemia to vaccines

One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry — a Merck scientist — made a recording where he openly admits that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses. In response, his colleagues (who are also recorded here) break out into laughter and seem to think it’s hilarious.

30 Years of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated

The breast cancer industry’s holy grail (that mammography is the primary weapon in the war against breast cancer) has been disproved. In fact, mammography appears to have CREATED 1.3 million cases of breast cancer in the U.S. population that were not there.
A disturbing new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is bringing mainstream attention to the possibility that mammography has caused far more harm than good in the millions of women who have employed it over the past 30 years as their primary strategy in the fight against breast cancer.[i]
Titled “Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast-Cancer Incidence,” researchers estimated that among women younger than 40 years of age, breast cancer was overdiagnosed, i.e. “tumors were detected on screening that would never have led to clinical symptoms,” in 1.3 million U.S. women over the past 30 years. In 2008, alone, “breast cancer was overdiagnosed in more than 70,000 women; this accounted for 31% of all breast cancers diagnosed.”

The Purpose of Food

As you know, food comes in a wide variety of tastes, colours, shapes and sizes, It also has an enormous variation in quality. And I’m not just talking fresh versus stale, I’m also talking about the quality of the nutrition and therefore nourishment that food provides our bodies.
At one end of the food quality scale, food can be natural (not genetically engineered), grown without herbicides, pesticides and fertilizer, contain no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavours and colours, no added sugar, no excitotoxins (like MSG, to make you crave more) and not be irradiated or washed in chlorine.
At the other end of the scale it can be genetically modified, artificially fertilised, doused in pesticides and herbicidal poisons, manufactured with artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavours and colours, contain added sugar, excitotoxins (like MSG) and be irradiated or washed in chlorine. In other words, a toxic cocktail that contributes to degenerative diseases and an early death.
No wonder Jack LaLanne said, “If man made it, don’t eat it!”
(Francois Henri Jack LaLanne was an American fitness, exercise, and nutrition expert and motivational speaker who is sometimes referred to as the “Godfather of Fitness” and the “First Fitness Superhero”. He died at age 96.)
So, why is it that our food supply can cover such a wide variety of extremes. Purely and simply because we don’t all purchase only that which is good for us. That’s why companies make the stuff at the bad end of the scale. Because people buy it. If nobody bought it, companies would not make it.
So why do people buy it? Primarily because we are not all on the same page with regards to the definition and purpose of food.
For a moment, let’s have a look at the purpose for food. Why do we eat it? Right from the moment we are born, our bodies crave nourishment, we get hungry and look for something to eat to quell the pain of hunger. Mum offers us a nipple and away we go. So we start out by being suckers on the subject of food and the food giants expect us to remain so!
All jokes aside, this killing the pangs of hunger is the first purpose for eating. Unfortunately, for many around the world, it remains the only purpose.
As we grow a bit older we are introduced to things that taste nice. We are rewarded with food when we are “good”.
So food now assumes a new role. As well as taking away the pain of hunger, food is now something to eat that tastes great, so it is a source of pleasure, it makes us feel good.
Gee, we haven’t even got to school yet and we are seriously off the rails with regards to the purpose of food.
So then we introduce peer pressure on the subject of food, advertising aimed at kids, we get busy and don’t have time so we look for fast, easy and convenient, preprepared and “fast” foods. We are now easy targets for what the definition of food has become, “Something tasty that takes no time to prepare that I can eat quickly to not feel hungry and will get me through to the next meal time.”
Wow! What a degraded scene.
What’s the ideal scene? What would be the optimal purpose for eating? OK, food is fuel for the body. If we wanted the best condition for our body, what WOULD we want our food to do?
How about this? As well as the minimum purpose for food being:
1. To satisfy our hunger cravings
2. To taste at least acceptable
We additionally want to provide sufficient nutrients so:
3. Our body had sufficient energy so we could do what we wanted to do
4. We had no mental fog leaving us fresh and alert till an hour before sleep
5. The body would rarely, if ever get sick
6. If the body got ill, it would recover quickly
7. The body could repair itself and reverse disease
8. The body maintained as close to optimal functionality despite aging
If that is the proper purpose for food then as a society we have strayed a long way off the rails and have a long way to go to get back on the rails. The good news is that you and I have the power to make a change in our own diets and to encourage others to do the same.
The first step is to decide to take responsibility for your future diet and health. One way you can do that is to make a list of what you will cut out of your diet and another list of what you will add in or buy more of. I find one of the easiest ways to do that is to create an eating plan, meals and snacks, for the coming week then buy for that eating plan. And only go shopping on a full stomach! That’s a big help!
If you are looking for some options for snacks or “pick me ups” or mini-meals that are healthier than oats and sugar bars, check out I practice what I preach!

Are Cochrane Reviews Truly "Independent and Transparent"?

Criticisms of Cochrane reviews have surfaced since not long after the organization’s inception. In 2001, for example, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) questioned the reliability of some Cochrane reviews, describing the implications for Cochrane’s reputation as “serious.” The BMJ authors suggested that “the Cochrane Collaboration needs to clarify [explain] how it discharges its responsibilities for the quality of reviews published under its imprimatur, and how it responds when they are shown to have come to unjustified conclusions.”
A more recent examination of Cochrane reviews in 2016 concluded that while “the methodological quality of Cochrane reviews is good compared to…non-Cochrane reviews, …it would be inappropriate to assume all Cochrane reviews are good quality and are at low risk of bias.” Cochrane’s new and chummy partnership with Wikipedia to include “relevant evidence within all Wikipedia health articles,” announced in early 2017, also may raise some eyebrows given Wikipedia’s reputation for bias. All of these factors suggest that it might be time to take Cochrane’s supposedly neutral relationship with its funders with a grain of salt.

In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species

Nowhere in the Western world is truth respected. Even universities are imposing censorship and speech control. Governments are shutting down, and will eventually criminalize, all explanations that differ from official ones. The Western world no longer has a print and TV media. In its place there is a propaganda ministry for the ruling elite.
Whistleblowers are prosecuted and imprisoned despite their protection by federal statue. The US Department of Justice is a Department of Injustice. It has been a long time since any justice flowed from the DOJ.
The total corruption of the print and TV media led to the rise of Intermet media such as Wikileaks, led by Julian Assange, a prisoner since 2012.
Assange is an Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. He is not an American citizen. Yet US politicians and media claim that he is guilty of treason because he published official documents leaked to Wikileaks that prove the duplicity and criminality of the US government.
It is strickly impossible for a non-citizen to be guilty of treason. It is strickly impossible under the US Constitution for the reporting of facts to be spying. The function of the media is to expose and to hold accountable the government. This function is no longer performed by the Western print and TV media.