Scientist Demonstrates How Cancer Can Be Destroyed By Frequencies

Anthony Holland
A scientist has showcased a new type of cancer treatment that uses resonant frequencies to completely destroy different types of cancer cells.
Please learn in advance about cancer treatment options. For the 50% of people who will be diagnosed with cancer. after you get the news is not the time to be doing your homework!
Your oncologist will be applying emotional pressure, fear tactics and coercion to bully you under the knife or into taking chemotherapy as soon as possible. This is according to friends who have had this happen to them.
Education should be done in a stress-free environment.
Heck! Even the education system has THAT wrong!

Growing Salad Bowl

Growing Salad Bowl
And while I am sharing my pics with you… …my elder daughter bought me an unusual salad bowl for Christmas – a growing one! I have been enjoying same VERY fresh salad with my meals lately.

Fruit Salad Breakfast

Fruit Salad Breakfast
I have gotten into the habit of buying excess fruit when it is in season and cheap so I can enjoy the “fruits” of my provisioning later.
A layer of frozen blueberries
Some frozen strawberries (bought when they were 2 punnets for $5)
A fresh peach
A fresh banana
Some shaved slices of frozen kiwifruit
Some shaved slices of frozen papaya