Predictors of Heart Disease – Is Your Doctor 24 Years Behind the Times?

If your doctor even utters the word cholesterol they are at least 24 years behind the times.
“The amount of vitamin E in the blood stream predicted the risk of heart disease with 62% certainty cholesterol’s predictive value was only 28%. When vitamin E and cholesterol were used together the predictive value rose to 83%. Beta-carotene, vitamin C and E gave an 88% predictability. Adding cholesterol to this made no change!”
From The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1991

On AntiOxidants

The amount of key antioxidants that many different species maintain in their body is directly proportional to their lifespan.” Richard Cutler, M.D., Director of Anti-aging Research at the National Institutes of Health
This is only one reason I formulate products with a wide variety of potent antioxidants in them.

Show Me The Study

Show Me The Study
We are all in a “study” or experiment and evidence suggest that those vaccines lead to a seriously reduced level of general well-being.

AMA To Gag Doctors Practicing Alternative Medicine

The American Medical Association certainly doesn’t want you to seek ‘alternative’ treatments or therapies for disease, since this would put a dent in pharmaceutical drug sales. In order to shore up their monopoly on your health more completely, they are calling many MDs ‘quacks,’ suppressing natural alternatives and gagging doctors with stiff penalties.

The Kitavan Diet: Tubers, Fresh Fruit, Coconut and Fish

There are a few places in the world that stand out against the rest of the globe when it comes to freedom free degenerative diseases. One such a place is Kitava, a small island in the Trobriand Islands group of Papua New Guinea where nutritional habits are virtually uninfluenced by Western dietary habits. Researchers who have studied Kitavans, their lifestyle (including diet) and their exceptional health report that there is practically no acne, diabetes, cardiovascular disease leading to stroke or congestive heart failure, dementia or blood pressure problems among the native Kitavans. What’s more, the native people on Kitava do not suffer from obesity of even overweight despite the abundance of food that is naturally available to them on their tropical island. They have low diastolic blood pressure (all under 90 mm Hg)…