When The Herd Is Running Toward A Cliff

When The Herd Is Running Toward A Cliff
Whether it refers to taking recreational or psychiatric drugs, eating fast food, voting for one of the major parties, buying processed foods, watching main stream media, sending your kids to state run indoctrination centres, oops, I mean schools, working for a multinational corporation or the government – this post makes a good point.

10 Things Never To Say To An Artist

10 Things Never To Say To An ArtistThe SFNers (Something For Nothing crowd) do this but won’t change as a result of reading this. After all, it’s all about them, isn’t it?
Artists, HTFU and realise this will happen, time and again. Refuse to prostitute yourselves. Convert every disappointment to a resolve to excel at your art so more people will appreciate your art and those with money who appreciate it will pay more for your work.
To non-artists, an artist receives pay in three ways. Cash, admiration and word of mouth. Make sure you don’t short change them on any of the three.