How To Make Almond Milk

Great. Only thing I disagree with is the advice that soaking is optional. Almonds and some other nuts (cashew, hazel, peanut, pecan, walnut) contain enzyme blockers that significantly reduce the absorption of nutrients by the body. For that reason I do not consider soaking optional.How To Make Almond Milk

What Uniform Are You Wearing?

What physical “uniform” are you wearing via your clothes?
What attitudinal “uniform” are you displaying via your speech?
What coaching are you giving yourself with your thoughts?
We are all somewhere on the scale from selfless contributor to hopeless victim. By improving our self-talk – the monologue that goes on between our ears – we can change our attitude, our words, our appearance and our actions. We can alter our own vibration or frequency and affect what others do and say to us.What Uniform Are You Wearing?