The Popular Food that Turns Your Gut into a Pesticide Factory

Robyn O’Brien shares her personal story and how it inspired her to become a Real Food evangelist. Her journey started when one of her children had a dangerous allergic reaction to a “typical” breakfast.
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Co2 Correction

Seems the article I forwarded about the level of Co2 emissions from volcanoes had some significant inaccuracies in it. It is a continuing source of wonder and disappointment to me at how many unethical people will blatantly lie to forward their personal agenda. So many of Lord Monkton’s statements on global warming fail to pass verification it completely discredits him. and
I still believe that a carbon tax is a scam to transfer money from the masses to the elite. One might ask why has Al Gore bought a very expensive waterfront property in San Fransisco if he is concerned about global warming?