Microsoft Confirms Win7 Family Pack

Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that the company will be offering a “family pack” for Windows 7, and disclosed multiple dates on which its business partners could obtain the Windows 7 release-to-manufacturing (RTM) code. More

On Enzymes in Raw Food

In his book “Pasteur Plagiarist Imposter!”, R.B. Pearson describes experiments done with cats by Dr. F.M. Pottenger and D.G. Simonsen. Pearson writes:
“They put two groups of cats on diets of meat and vegetables, identical in value, except that in one group the meat was given raw, and this group seemed to maintain normal good health throughout the experiments. In the other group the meat was all cooked, and this group showed an astonishing breakdown of health in ALL of the animals.
“They found every sign of lack of minerals, such as incomplete development of the skull or other bones, bowed legs, rickets, curvature of the spine, paralysis of the legs, convulsive seizure, thyroid abscesses, cyanosis of liver and kidneys, enlarged colon, and degeneration of the motor nerve ganglion cells throughout the spinal cord and brain stem, with some cells affected in the cerebellum and cerebral cortex.” More here.
I believe this is the same “Doc Pottenger” who could put his hands on a person’s chest and tell, with the same accuracy as an X-ray, if a person had or did not have tuberculosis and if they had it, to what stage it had progressed.

Alexander Graham Bell Tidbit

Motivated to help his deaf wife, Bell invented the telephone while searching for a way to help the deaf by transmitting the sound electronically. Ironically Bell refused to have a telephone in his study as he regarded the device as intrusive and disruptive for his thought process.

CoQ10 – Cancer Killer?

“CoQ10 is the one supplement I take every day, without fail. CoQ10 is a powerful cancer fighter. In a Danish trial of breast cancer patients, two of the patients received larger doses of CoQ10 (390 mg). Their tumors disappeared.” Dr Al Sears newsletter “Doctor’s House Call” here