Naomi Seibt Faces Prison For Incorrect Climate Views

Naomi Seibt Faces Prison For Incorrect Climate Views

(Tom: This is oh so wrong for many reasons! It is a human right to express an opinion (Human Rights Articles 18 an 19), the suppression of which is the tool of dictators, tyrants, liars and criminals all of whom are cowards and cannot face being challenged. So they should be!)

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. – J Robert Oppenheimer.

Naomi Seibt, the 19 year old from Germany who has been making a name as the anti-Greta lately. Her common sense messages about global warming have not gone down well with the climate establishment, who prefer the hysterical outpourings of Greta.

But the campaign against her took a disturbing turn last month. She faces jail time for her YouTube posts. Read more of her story here:

Australian Senator Exposes Climate Change Scam

Malcolm Roberts

Today I released my report in response to CSIROs climate science claims, that were presented at the meeting held with CSIRO senior scientists on Monday 26 September 2016 in Sydney. The key findings of Senator Roberts’ report shows that CSIRO:

  1. Refuses to state that carbon dioxide from human activity is a danger
  2. Does not have empirical evidence proving that carbon dioxide from human activity effects climate
  3. Have used evidence in their presentation that contradicts the empirical climate evidence.
  4. Uses climate computer models that are neither appropriate nor recommended to be used to inform government policy

The Greenhouse Effect Can Lead to Global Cooling

Greta vs Mother Nature

There is a new study out that actually is starting to understand cycles. Climate experts have discovered that there is a natural feedback loop that creates the basis of a cycle. It is like the words your mother told you, “Too much of anything is bad.” Many kids would love to just eat chocolate bars for dinner.

There is a cycle to everything and the light has gone off that even if we accept that global warming is caused by the increase in CO2, the greenhouse effect is not something that would EVER be a linear projection for that is impossible for anything.

What they have discovered is the as CO2 has increased, temperatures have actually decreased by 0.2C to 0.25C degrees (0.36F to 0.45F) since the 1980s. This shocking unexpected trend has shown the obvious flaw in the whole climate change argument. As carbon dioxide emissions increase, it feeds a surge in plant life growth, which low and behold, consumes the CO2. The study was published in Nature.

Mini Ice Age warnings for next 30 years with -50C temperatures in coldest areas


Cold snaps so severe they could threaten food shortages and plummeting temperatures are a very real possibility over the next 30 years, an expert claims.

With the Sun entering a natural “hibernation period” or solar minimum in which it projects less heat at the Earth there could be frostier weather and heavy snow storms.

Scientist Valentina Zharkova, of Northumbria University, said average temperatures could drop by 1C in 2020 and last up to a year – while resulting in wet and cold summers.

And the minimum was the cause for Canada’s recent -50C, she claims.

‘We saw this coming for years’: Farmers take legal action after fires

Saw This Coming

Six farmers are preparing to take legal action against the state government, arguing a massive bushfire in northern NSW could have been prevented if more hazard reduction had been allowed.

In what could be the first class action after this summer’s horror bushfire season, graziers hit by the August blaze in the Guy Fawkes National Park, west of Coffs Harbour, say it was “a disaster waiting to happen”.

Beef farmer Tony Brazier, who lives just outside Guyra, said fuel loads in the park had been allowed to reach dangerous levels because “everyone is too scared to burn anything”.

“I could see that the trouble was building for a number of years, it was just too dangerous and so this was always going to happen,” Mr Brazier, who runs about 600 head of Angus beef cattle, said.

Mr Brazier said since cattle had been prohibited from grazing in national parks, the fire threat had increased significantly resulting in a firestorm that tore through the park.

“But the big problem is that there was just no burning, everyone is too scared to burn anything because they think they will end up in jail,” he said.

The Bees Nest fire started on August 30 and turned into the first mega fire of the season, eventually burning all the way to Coffs Harbour.

“We have to have more say in the future management of the park, we need manageable fire breaks and there needs to be more talk with local landholders,” Mr Brazier said.

He said his business would take years to recover, after losing kilometres of fencing as well as land that was critical for grazing.

Must read- New Zealand Climate Scientist Dr David Kear Debunks Climate Crisis

Dr David Kear

This article is a must read! Biographical Note: Dr David Kear has a background in geology and engineering, becoming the Director General of the DSIR (New Zealand’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) in 1980. He is a Fellow and Past Vice-President of the Royal Society of New Zealand, and Past President of the New Zealand Geological Society. Dr Kear has over 100 publications on New Zealand and Pacific geology, vulcanology and mineral resources. He has been publishing on sea-levels since the 1950s.