Ransomware attack on thousands of businesses over the weekend

My son-in-law Rene runs an IT business. This morning he sent me this:

Hi Tom,

Over the coming days you will likely hear the news of a major cyber attack involving Kaseya, which provides software to IT providers around the world. The attacks affected 1000+ of their client’s customers and as a results these systems were encrypted with ransomware. The level of damage this has caused will become evident over the coming days and weeks. It’s absolutely gut wrenching and my thoughts go out to them.

We do not use any of the affected software and none of our systems (or client’s systems) have been affected by this. Our team is monitoring this evolving situation will take additional steps as needed.

Our client’s system and data security is our top priority. We carefully review every software vendor we use to ensure they meet our security requirements.

If you’re uncertain or not confident about cyber security practices and protecting your organisation’s systems and data or know of another business that needs help reply to this email or call our office on 02 8188 9777.

The Purpose Of Life

The Purpose Of Life

This perfectly matches my experiences. In my helping people discover their basic purpose in life I have never yet found a person whose basic purpose was not a form of helping others.

Who Is Laughing Now?

Who Is Laughing Now?

In case you hadn’t heard, Dr Anthony Fauci’s emails were released per a Freedom Of Information Request. Virtually every major point of his recommendations over the last 18 months is a provable lie, admitted by him in his emails. This whole COVIS response has been a sham from beginning to end and now we are injecting people with experimental toxins that force the body to make the spike protein that was added to the virus to make it more deadly. A great many doctors and health professionals are sounding the alarm over the future health ramifications of this and asking the governments to halt the vaccine rollout immediately. Here is just one (very well credentialled and experienced) doctor to whom you should pay close attention: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/06/06/stephanie-seneff-covid-vaccine.aspx

Make A Difference


A man was asked to paint a boat. He brought his paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as the owner asked him.

While painting, he noticed a small hole in the hull, and quietly repaired it.

When he finished painting, he received his money and left.

The next day, the owner of the boat came to the painter and presented him with a nice cheque, much higher than the payment for painting.

The painter was surprised and said “You’ve already paid me for painting the boat!”

“But this is not for the paint job. It’s for repairing the hole in the boat.”

“Ah! But it was such a small service… certainly it’s not worth paying me such a high amount for something so insignificant.”

“My dear friend, you do not understand. Let me tell you what happened. When I asked you to paint the boat, I forgot to mention the hole. When the boat dried, my kids took the boat and went on a fishing trip. They did not know that there was a hole. I was not at home at that time. When I returned and noticed they had taken the boat, I was desperate because I remembered that the boat had a hole. Imagine my relief and joy when I saw them returning from fishing. Then, I examined the boat and found that you had repaired the hole!

“You see, now, what you did? You saved the life of my children! I do not have enough money to pay your ‘small’ good deed.”

So no matter who, when or how, continue to help, sustain, wipe tears, listen attentively, and carefully repair all the ‘leaks’ you find. You never know when one is in need of us, or when chance presents us with an opportunity be helpful and important to someone.

Along the way, you may have repaired numerous ‘boat holes’ for several people without realizing how many lives you’ve save.

Look for opportunities to make a difference and seize them…

BRACE FOR IMPACT: “About to get much worse.”

Brace For Impact

We are staring down the barrel of a confluence of several scenarios–each of which individually is a significant, life-changing event–but which are together conspiring is a dangerous and incendiary situation: food shortages, inflation, and a breakdown of the supply chain. A new media narrative today acknowledges food shortages, and blames animal agriculture, indicating we are reaching an inflection point in the collapse. Expect things to accelerate from here. Let’s have a conversation about where we are, where we’re heading, and how to prepare.
Intro: (0:00)
Shipping: (4:50)
Inflation: (8:56)
Grains Shortage (13:07)
Meat Shortages (21:56)
HUGE Narrative Shift (23:41)