Human Rights

One of my principle concerns with the current scene is the rapidly escalating speed with which human rights are being trampled.

The UK just passed a 350+ page bill that gives the government unfettered, tyrannical powers.

The USA and Australia are undertaking similarly ill advised actions.

This trend needs to be reversed. The entrance point is educating people that they do have rights.

Watch the video and if you think so too, please share it!

If you do get that on which you put your attention, best we put our attention on what we want!

Human Rights Video #1: Born Free and Equal

Boost Your Immune System

8 Ingredient Immune Booster

Probably every week I receive an email promoting a health supplement. Many times it is for a product for which I have an alternative with the same purpose in mind. Here is another such match. It has 8 ingredients in it. My NutriBlast Immune Blend has 7 of those 8 and 66 other ingredients. Knowing how powerful is nature in multiplying the benefits from various ingredients in a synergistic manner, I do not doubt the 33 studies proving the efficacy of their 8 ingredient combination. If, like me, you think 72 ingredients has to provide a greater synergistic effect than 8, here is the link to my Immune Blend:

History of the Pharma Cartel

History of the Pharma Cartel

These years will go down in history as the beginning of the end of the pharmaceutical business with disease. In a series of scientific publications, in some of which Dr. Rath invited Linus Pauling to join him as co-author, Dr. Rath identified micronutrient deficiency as the primary cause of diseases. These diseases include heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetic circulatory problems, cancer and even immune deficiency diseases, including AIDS.

Like a Sherlock Holmes of science, Dr. Rath traced the real cause of these diseases, and found that they had been deliberately nebulized or even hidden away from millions of people for one purpose only: to feed the insatiable greed of the pharmaceutical business with disease.

Be Prepared To Look

Be Prepared To Look

Be prepared to look at all the data, rather than just that wich agrees with what you believe to be true or that which matches your exising data. Learning is not just acquiring new data, it is also correcting false data.

Spitfire Cockpit

Spitfire Cockpit

Used to read Biggles books when I was a kid. Now I know what a Spitfire cockpit looks like! Only took 60 years!