A Note To Those Who Would Be Wise

There was a king and he once said to the court sages – I have a ring with one of the finest diamonds in the world and I want to hide a message under the stone that can be useful in a situation of extreme despair.  I will give this ring to my heirs and I want it to serve faithfully.  Think of what kind of message will be there.  It must be very short to fit in the ring.

The sages knew how to write treatises, but did not express themselves in one short sentence.  They thought and thought, but did not come up with anything.

The king complained about the failure of his venture to a faithful old servant who raised him from infancy and was part of the family.  And the old man said to him:
“I’m not a sage, I’m not educated, but I know such a message. For many years spent in the palace, I met a lot of people. And once I served a visiting mystic whom your father invited. And he gave me this message.  I ask that you don’t read it now. Save it under the stone and open it only when there’s no way out at all.
The king listened to the old servant.

After some time, the enemies attacked the country and the king lost the war.  He fled on his horse and his enemies pursued him.  He was alone, his enemies were many. He rode to the end of the road.  There was a huge deep cliff before him, if he fell there, it is the end.  He could not go back, as the enemies were approaching. He already heard the clatter of their horses’ hooves.  He had no way out.  He was in complete despair.

And then he remembered the ring.  He opened it and found an inscription: “This too shall pass”

After reading the message, he felt that everything was quiet.  Apparently the pursuers got lost and proceeded in the wrong direction. Horses were no longer heard.

The king was filled with gratitude to the servant and the unknown mystic. The words were powerful.  He closed the ring.  And set out on the road.  He gathered his army and returned his state.

On the day when he returned to the palace, they arranged a magnificent meeting, a feast for the whole world – the people loved their king. The king was happy and proud.

An old servant came up to him and said softly: “Even in this moment, look at the message again.”

The King said, “Now I am a winner, people are celebrating my return, I’m not in despair, not in a hopeless situation.”

“Listen to this old servant,” the servant answered. “The message works not only in moments when everything is bad, but also in moments of victory.”

The king opened the ring and read:
“This too shall pass.”

And again he felt a silence fall over him, although he was in the midst of a noisy dancing crowd.  His pride dissolved.  He understood the message.  He was a wise man.

And then the old man said to the king; “Do you remember everything that happened to you? Nothing and no feeling is permanent. As night changes day, so moments of joy and despair replace each other. Accept them as the nature of things, as part of life”

Human Rights

One of my principle concerns with the current scene is the rapidly escalating speed with which human rights are being trampled.

The UK just passed a 350+ page bill that gives the government unfettered, tyrannical powers.

The USA and Australia are undertaking similarly ill advised actions.

This trend needs to be reversed. The entrance point is educating people that they do have rights.

Watch the video and if you think so too, please share it!

No Free Lunches

No Free Lunches

Someone commented that this is a socialist viewpoint. I disagree.

I think he’s spot on the money! It’s a very capitalist viewpoint. You puts your money on the table (buy shares) and you takes your chances (profit or loss).

To say, “Oh look we stand a chance of going broke, bail us out!” is a perversion of the system and the market. It is getting the people who did not buy shares to donate to support the people who did buy shares and props up a management that failed to take into account proper risk management.

Not OK in my book! I did not vote to have my taxes used in this fashion. And I’ll wager that if the government DO throw money at them they will not be required to exchange equity for the cash they receive.

Are We Being Played?

Wrong COD

(Tom: Not for a minute do I hint at the fact we are being played to by a theatrical performance the likes of which we have not seen for 20 years!

No way would a Dem aligned press, paid for and bought by the drug comapnies be htting the two birds of “take down the ecomony to make Trump look bad” and “let’s put the population in FEAR so they will buy lots more vaccines” with the one crisis.)

(From a Facebook post:)

Have you seen on the US news how they are stacking bodies in refrigerator trucks to take to the morgues? Ask yourself this question….Why?

Now bear with me and think about this. We are being told a little over 3,000 have died in the US due to the virus. 3,000. While that’s a lot, it’s far from overwhelming. So they are taking a deceased person, placing in a body bag, and then piling them up in refrigerated trucks like cords of wood. Why?

Take New York…. to date, 700 have died in the entire state. But in the city of New York we are seeing bodies stacked like wood in the back of 18 wheelers. It’s a city of 11 million, with a support system designed to handle coinciding deaths for that population.

Are you telling me that 700 deaths are so overwhelming that 18 wheeled refrigerator trucks are needed to move bodies? Why aren’t they being taken to crematories as they normally would be? (provided they take precautions etc. etc.)

And since when did we go from a society that honors and reveres its dead, to one that treats them like garbage? Think about that. Who made that decision?

Now I can understand if there were thousands dying in one location every day, people falling over in the streets, bodies piling up everywhere. You do what you have to do. But 700? Really? (And in the city there’s been less than 600 deaths).

According to the NYC office of vital statistics, the city records an average of 58,000 deaths per day overall. That number includes all aspects, old age, disease, accidents, and so forth. They can handle 58,000 in non Covid normal times, but 700 is throwing them for a loop?

So the question comes to mind, is this all for shock value? Think about it. We have all seen the social media videos of hospitals where they are not being overwhelmed, yet there may be some that are in that situation. But why are we throwing and stacking bodies in refrigerator trucks in NYC and other places for only 700 people?

It makes no sense other than to convey total shock value to the public en masse. And, while not contagious, 4,300 died from the regular annual flu in the past two months in NYC alone, almost 6 times the number of COVID, so why didn’t they stack those bodies in trucks? Wasn’t that number overwhelming? So which is it?

Are the real numbers so high and overwhelming, they are being hidden so as not to incite panic, or are we being played like a fiddle with shock value, all the while implementing their plans for the new order?

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Look over here while we do something else over there. Oz. Nothing happening makes sense if we are to believe the numbers we are being told. Nothing.