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Breaching Whale

Recently I read an article that show these “top of the food chain” feeders contribute to maintaining an ecological balance in our oceans from the smallest to themselves. I consider that balance worth preserving and considering the rate at which species are disappearing, better management of our resources needs to occur. Unfettered killing is NOT better management!

I received this:

In just less than two weeks at a critical meeting of the International Whaling Commission, Japan and its allies will push forward an aggressive and dangerous package of proposals that could ultimately allow the international ban on commercial whaling to be lifted. If passed, Japan and other countries would be allowed to openly hunt whales for profit.

Please help us show the member nations at the IWC that the world is watching and supports protecting whales, not hunting them.

Some populations of these majestic creatures are on the brink of extinction and have not recovered from the decades of large-scale commercial whaling that occurred until the IWC banned it in the 1980’s. Now is our chance to speak up for whales at one of the most important animal welfare meetings, responsible for managing and protecting whales, and we need your voice.

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