Protect Your Kids On-Line

One of my suppliers sent me this.
Have a look at
If you have kids (or grandkids or even know someone who has them), this site is very important for you.
Why is this so important? “Most internet abductors email their target for months before arranging a meeting … and the parents never know” – IPA Child Safety Report in 2004.
This has been a personal project of mine for the last 12 months. I built to protect my own children online and decided to make it available to everyone … and as the name suggests the price it right too.
This site plugs a huge gap in the government’s filtering software that leaves kids dangerously exposed. In short this puts parents in total control of who can contact their kids online.
Please look at it and tell everyone you know about this website as it will make a big difference to keeping our kids safe online. Even if you don’t have kids please flick this email on to everyone you know who does; they will thank you for it. I know I would have 12 months ago as there was nothing out there that could do this … that’s why I was compelled to build it.
Thanks. I hope it makes a difference to you,