Help stop the sex trafficking trade

“My daughter Oxana was a beautiful, wonderful girl, gifted in languages. She left our home when she was 20 to take her dream job as a translator in Europe. We were so happy for her. Three weeks later the police told us she died falling from a 5th story window, trying to escape men who fooled her with the job and forced her into a sex club. I died when she died. Now I live only to stop this from happening to other girls. Please, help me.”

Mineral Lab Tests

Just spoke to Ralf, the supplier of my Fulvic Minerals in the USA. He is flying interstate next week to liaise with the lab that is testing the health benefits of adding his fulvic minerals to the diets of people and livestock. Amazing results to date. I will advise more when the results are sent to me. If you are interested in adding minerals to your diet check out

McGorry misleading the public

Psychiatrist Patrick McGorry and others are misleading the public with dodgy statistics in mental health.

Dodgy facts no path to mental health reform

Misleading claims in the mental health reform

What's the best thing you can do when you feel mentally challenged and physically tired?

What’s the best thing you can do when you feel mentally challenged and physically tired?
A. Take a 15-minute cat-nap
B. Meditate quietly for 10 minutes
C. Crack open a sugary sports drink
D. Head to the gym
E. None of the above
The answer is…
Drumroll please…
Your best option for a quick mental tune up – and physical boost – is the exact opposite of what you’d expect… a 10-minute workout!

Resale Royalty Scheme

Under the Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009, visual artists are eligible to receive five per cent of the sale price when their original works over $1000 are resold through the art market. The scheme covers original works of art, such as a painting, a collage, a drawing, a print, a sculpture, a ceramic, an item of glassware or a photograph. The scheme is only applied prospectively, meaning that royalty rights only apply to resales where the seller has acquired the work after 2 June 2010. To find out more, please visit: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

Computer versus Paper Reading Speeds

A study of people reading long-form text on tablets finds higher reading speeds than in the past, but they’re still slower than reading print. <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>