Canada's Draconian C-51 – Another Big Pharma Push

Canada is following the USA, and on April 8th 2008 proposed sweeping
changes to it’s Food and Drugs Act through introduction of a law
known as C-51. If this law is passed it will:

* Replace the word “drug” with “therapeutic product” throughout the
Act. This would enable regulation of sale of all herbs, vitamins and

* Change the definition of “sell” to include anyone who gives
therapeutic products to someone else.

* Grant new powers to enforcement agents to protect the public from
dangerous unapproved “therapeutic agents.” These powers would

– raiding homes and businesses without a warrant.
– seize bank accounts.
– levvy fines up to $5 million and jail terms up to 2 years …
potentially for merely selling a herb.

To learn more go to:

What would this law do to Freedom?

This sort of law is what we are fighting against.

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