A Note On The Judiciary

A Note On The Judiciary
Two commenters wrote:
Human nature has been the constant through the ages. Jefferson understood this and he learned from it and warned us of it. A great man and a great thinker.
It is amazing how our founders predicted the growth in power of both the executive and judicial branches. Their confidence in the electorate being able to restrain these overreaches has proven to be misplaced unfortunately. I doubt they foresaw the rise of professional politicians since they seemed to view public service as a duty (and burden), not an occupation.

The U.N. General Assembly Speech They Don’t Want You To See – Argentina President Cristina Fernandez

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez, speaking to the U.N. General Assembly, exposes the debt vultures who enslave entire nations, the constantly changing definition of a terrorist, and the need for peace and self-determination for all nations. ‘In times of economic vultures and war falcons, we need more doves of peace’