Refreezing Meat

It is incorrect that it is unsafe to refreeze meat. The only time it would be unsafe to refreeze was if the meat had completely defrosted and its temperature had risen to over 5° C and had stayed at this temp for over 4 hours. If the meat has completely defrosted, refreezing can affect the quality making it slightly drier, however it is not an unsafe practice. CSIRO food safety guidelines.


1. Try taking some amino acids.
2. Take a walk.
Both of these were reported to me as beneficial by migraine sufferers.

Growing Cities

Growing Cities: A road trip to meet up with the people who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food, one vacant city lot, one rooftop garden, one backyard chicken coop at a time. Watch the trailer here:
Did my hour and a half in the back yard this morning.
If you are coming past Glebe and you’d prefer to pick up your bars/slices/powders rather than pay for postage, ask me for some Herb Robert, Aloe Vera or Bacopa.
Wish I could brow Basil and Parsley as well as I could the first three!

Artificial Sweeteners Equals Poison

Artificial sweeteners = poison.
Question: Which artificial sweetener, previously viewed as safe when heated, turns out not to be safe at all? When heated, it releases chloropropanols, which belong to a class of toxins known as dioxins. Dioxin—a component of Agent Orange—is among the most dangerous chemicals known to man. Find out here:
Artificial sweeteners = poison.
Plain, simple and deadly.

E-mail Marketing Beats Social Media 40 to 1

…social media marketing can be a time consuming activity, and recent research by McKinsey highlights the fact that increased social media marketing activity should not come at the expense of e-mail marketing. While attention must be given to maintaining social media accounts and engaging with customers and prospects on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc, the McKinsey report suggests the effectiveness of e-mail marketing still trumps social media marketing:
E-mail marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers;
Marketing e-mails are three times more likely to result in a transaction than social media;
Transactions resulting from e-mail marketing are on average 17 percent higher than transactions resulting from social media interactions.