This Video Dispels Every "Nature VS Nurture" Myth You've Ever Heard. The Implications are Profound.

Please watch this like your future health depends on it. It well may.
Thought provoking expose of commonly held untruths… “It is widely thought that conditions like ADHD are genetically programmed, conditions like schizophrenia are genetically programmed, the truth is the opposite. Nothing is genetically programmed. There are very rare diseases, I mean a small handful, extremely sparsely represented in the population that are truly genetically determined.
“Most complex conditions might have a predisposition that is a genetic component but a predisposition is not the same as a predetermination. The whole search for the source of diseases in the genome was doomed to failure before anybody even thought of it because most diseases are not genetically predetermined. Heart disease, cancer, strokes, rhumatoid conditions, autoimmune conditions, general mental health conditions, addictions, these are none of them genetically determined.
“Breast cancer for example – out of 100 women with breast, cancer only 7 of them will carry the breast cancer gene, 93 do not. And of 100 women who do have the genes not all of them will get cancer.” – Dr Gabor Mate Physician, Author

Are You Omitting This Vital Function?

Let’s say you are a CEO of an organisation. You have an ambitious, long-term project, vital to the longevity and success of your business. Due to the importance of the project, you hire a professional project manager. You instruct him that this project is vital to your organisation so you want him to use his best expertise to ensure the success of the project.
Among many other skills, project managers are taught to do the following:
identify risks to the project in advance, even before the project start date,
assign to each risk a level of probability, A likelihood of it occurring,
identify the cost to the project of the risk if it occurs,
list potential mitigation strategies,
estimate the cost of each strategy then
on the basis of cost of risk avoidance versus the cost and likelihood of the risk occurring, decide which, if any, mitigation strategy or strategies should be employed for each risk.
In undertaking the above risk assessment he identifies a risk that has a 33-50% probability of occurring and that, if it occurred, would derail the project completely.
He further identifies several low-cost, easily implemented risk-mitigation strategies that would significantly reduce the likelihood of the risk eventuating. Quite aside from greatly reducing the risk, these strategies would have many other benefits to the organisation.
He also identifies some major impediments to the implementation of these strategies – the inertia (resistance to change) of the CEO and executives and the questionable ability of the same CEO and executives to embark on long-term programs and retain the vision long enough to see them through to completion.
Due to the amount of work considered necessary to overcome that inertia and maintain the required persistence to implement the risk mitigation strategy, he suggests ignoring the 33-50% risk and just “going with the flow”.
What would you think of the level of professionalism of his advice? What would you think of his courage, confront and drive, that despite the acknowledged risk, he would not tackle the task because he considered it too hard?
Now for the punch line.
Have you ever heard the quip, “Most people spend more time planning their annual holiday than they do their life?”
Do you know that you are the CEO of your own life?
And you are the project manager of your own life?
Do you know that 33-50% risk is cancer?
And the vast majority of people do absolutely NOTHING to minimise their risk of contracting it?
Today (Sunday) I was at my elder daughter’s birthday party. Got to talking with a lovely couple whom my daughter met at play group for my grandson. They have been taking my Nutri-Blast for a week or two and she notices she has more energy, she is now still going after 7:00 pm where she wasn’t before. She said an interesting thing. She still hasn’t read the whole list of ingredients on the tub!
What’s that got to do with risk management or cancer prevention? Well if you don’t know the answer to that question then you have not researched the health benefits of the ingredients in my Nutri-Blast powders or food bars. I recommend you do so. The more you do, the more you will be impressed by the power and potential of what I have formulated. And the more certainty you will have on the value of good nutrition to your future health.
Because eating for health is about a lot more than cutting back on sugar, simple carbs and toxins in your food. A whole lot more. One aspect of eating for health is about eating foods that so thoroughly nourish a body that the body has a far better chance of resisting bacteria and virii that cause illness and not suffering from avoidable, degenerative diseases.
Now I have almost exactly 2,200 people who receive this email each week. Only a third of whom, about 750, have purchased from my web site or directly from me at other than an Expo or Festival. That means 1,450 people who receive this email each week have either purchased from me only once or twice at an expo or not at all. That’s WAY too few who regularly consume my sensational nutrition!
That tells me I need to get a whole lot brighter at communicating what I have learned about how to keep a body healthy because I have not seen a product on the market that can hold a candle to mine. And there’s an awful lot of product being marketed as the greatest thing since sliced bread that is a mere fraction of what I formulate. I know ‘cos every day of the week I get a promotion from one of them!
For instance in my reading stack is a glossy, multi-page promotional hype for a powder with a mere 8 ingredients (7 of which are in mine) that will cost you about the same per day as mine that has 162 ingredients.
Now I say the above with some reservation as while I am incredibly pleased with the results people get with my product, I don’t really like to blow my own trumpet. All the worst people blow their own trumpet and it is quite distasteful. And I have been accused by many of hiding my light under a bushel. But it is your health and longevity we’re talking about here. And if I don’t share with you how pleased I am at every person who tells me how much better they feel with my genuine nutrition under their skin and how I frequently say to myself, “Why did it take me to do this, why don’t more food manufacturers try to create food that completely nourishes a body and maintains health?” then you won’t hear it anywhere else.
Anyway, I tire of ranting. If you are not consuming one of my bars or a serve of Nutri-Blast each day, let me ask you a question, “How could I do a better job of helping you enjoy more energy and look forward to better health?” “What do you need from me in order to eat far healthier than you do at present?”
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Retain Your Health

Retain Your Health
A healthy, strong person has enough energy to help others up.
A weak, sick person relies on other to help them up.
Eat healthy, stay strong, help others.