ClimateGate and Carbon Tax Scam

A friend asked me for a synopsis on why I believe a carbon tax based on man-caused increase in Co2 emissions was fraudulent and a scam. Here is what I sent him.
The significance of Galileo:
An explanation of the Galileo movement:
A quote from that site:
The weakness of the climate change proponent’s cases are that:
– only five IPCC reviewers of the core Chapter 9 (science) of the 2007 report endorse claim of warming caused by man made CO2, not 4000 as claimed;
– 5587 reference cited and relied upon by the 2007 IPCC report were never peer reviewed despite the chairman’s claims of 100% peer reviewed science;
– the IPCC, Al Gore and prominent Australian proponents gloss over real world science proving that CO2 is a consequence of temperature, not a cause; and
– each of the four IPCC reports relies on fallacy.
The people of Australia have a right to question why sections of the scientific community continue to roll out a series of impending dooms without all sides of the argument being aired.
The movement:

Ex pharma sales rep Gwen Olsen says Big Pharma only interested in profits, not health

Gwen Olsen, an ex-pharmaceutical sales representative, is using her personal experience and insider knowledge to turn the tables on Big Pharma and tell people the disturbing and disheartening truth about the highly corrupt industry:
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Olive Oil for Salads and Coconut Oil for Cooking

People who use more olive oil are at less risk for stroke than people who don’t. But for cooking, use coconut oil. It is the only oil that does not change molecular structure when it is heated.
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In Today's Newsletter from Dr. Al Sears

Protein is damaged by heat. You “denature” protein when you heat it for too long, or when you cook it in very high heat. The nature of the protein changes.
This happens when you process or “cure” meat. To sterilize medical supplies and instruments they heat them to an extreme, which denatures proteins in any bacteria that may be there, destroying them.
Pre-cooked and pre-packaged meats like hot dogs, smoked meats, lunch meats, bacon and breakfast sausage, pepperoni and lox, and especially soy proteins, are all “cured” the same way.
They’ve had their proteins sterilized. Their nutritional value has been ruined. And they’re not what I would consider healthy. And when your body breaks down these cured proteins, a byproduct can combine with the nitrites used in meat processing to make nitrosamines.
There are over 300 different forms of nitrosamines, and over 90 percent are cancer-causing.
So when it comes to eating protein, I recommend following these two steps:
Step 1: Eat protein from a variety of natural sources. That can be anything from eating a raw egg every morning like my father would, to having a scoop of grass-fed whey protein from a pure and trusted source.
Besides having undenatured protein that will not form nitrosamines, they are the most bio-available kinds of protein. The least bio-available are vegetable proteins from beans, for example. But those are still better for you than protein from cured or processed meat.
Milk also has protein, but pasteurized milk protein is denatured. Whole, raw milk still has its proteins intact.
Step 2: Take the nutrients that fight nitrosamines: vitamins C and E. Scientists found vitamin C’s protective power by accident. Researchers were studying nitrosamine formation caused by a drug they were testing. When they went to use a new batch, no nitrosamines were formed. They found that the new batch had been made with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as a preservative, but the original batch had not. Vitamin E has a similar effect.
Studies show vitamin C works by disarming free radicals before they can damage your DNA and stimulate tumor growth.
When you add vitamin E, you increased the protection of vitamin C. As it turns out vitamin E is a “synergistic” nutrient. It needs other antioxidants to work best. It’s prevention at its finest.