Dr David E Martin

Dr David E Martin

Dr. David Martin just sat down with Patrick Gentempo here in the studio…

And he gave us exclusive BREAKING NEWS about the lawsuit that’s just been filed against…

Joe Biden (yes, THAT Joe Biden), the director of the HHS, the Medicare and Medicaid directors, and the CMS mandate directors.

Here’s a clip where he explains the legal argument against the heavy handed approaches by the government to FORCE injections.

Your head will spin when you see what the FDA has quietly tried to do.

And you’ll be shocked by what they’ve discovered about the vacc!ne and how they intend to PROVE the crime…

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Watch it now… I can’t wait for EVERYONE TO SEE THIS.

So please, share it with family and friends. People need to know what’s going on!


Education vs Schooling

Education vs Schooling

And along that line, something I read years ago from Larry Ellison:

Following is a talk given by Larry Ellison (Oracle Founder) to Yale Graduates in 2000.

“Graduates of Yale University, I apologize if you have endured this type of prologue before, but I want you to do something for me. Please, take a good look around you. Look at the classmate on your left. Look at the classmate on your right. Now, consider this: five years from now, 10 years from now, even 30 years from now, odds are the person on your left is going to be a loser. The person on your right, meanwhile, will also be a loser. And you, in the middle? What can you expect? Loser. Loserhood. Loser Cum Laude.

“In fact, as I look out before me today, I don’t see a thousand hopes for a bright tomorrow. I don’t see a thousand future leaders in a thousand industries. I see a thousand losers.

“You’re upset. That’s understandable. After all, how can I, Lawrence ‘Larry’ Ellison, college dropout, have the audacity to spout such heresy to the graduating class of one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions? I’ll tell you why.

Because I, Lawrence “Larry” Ellison, second richest man on the planet, am a college dropout, and you are not.

“Because Bill Gates, richest man on the planet — for now, anyway — is a college dropout, and you are not.

“Because Paul Allen, the third richest man on the planet, dropped out of college, and you did not.

“And for good measure, because Michael Dell, No. 9 on the list and moving up fast, is a college dropout, and you, yet again, are not.

“Hmm . . . you’re very upset. That’s understandable. So let me stroke your egos for a moment by pointing out, quite sincerely, that your diplomas were not attained in vain. Most of you, I imagine, have spent four to five years here, and in many ways what you’ve learned and endured will serve you well in the years ahead. You’ve established good work habits. You’ve established a network of people that will help you down the road. And you’ve established what will be lifelong relationships with the word ‘therapy.’ All that of is good. For in truth, you will need that network. You will need those strong work habits. You will need that therapy.

“You will need them because you didn’t drop out, and so you will never be among the richest people in the world. Oh sure, you may, perhaps, work your way up to No. 10 or No. 11, like Steve Ballmer. But then, I don’t have to tell you who he really works for, do I? And for the record, he dropped out of grad school. Bit of a late bloomer.

“Finally, I realize that many of you, and hopefully by now most of you, are wondering, ‘Is there anything I can do? Is there any hope for me at all?’ Actually, no. It’s too late. You’ve absorbed too much, think you know too much. You’re not 19 anymore. You have a built-in cap, and I’m not referring to the mortar boards on your heads.

“Hmm… you’re really very upset. That’s understandable. So perhaps this would be a good time to bring up the silver lining. Not for you, Class of ’00. You are a write-off, so I’ll let you slink off to your pathetic $200,000-a-year jobs, where your checks will be signed by former classmates who dropped out two years ago.

“Instead, I want to give hope to any underclassmen here today. I say to you, and I can’t stress this enough: leave. Pack your things and your ideas and don’t come back. Drop out. Start up.

“For I can tell you that a cap and gown will keep you down just as surely as these security guards dragging me off this stage are keeping me down . . .”

Pfizer’s long and disgraceful record of crime and fraud

Pfizer's long and disgraceful record of crime and fraud

In 2021 the New Zealand government enacted laws requiring citizens to take a novel vaccine based on mRNA technology.

Pfizer fraud news

Large sections of the population were not permitted to keep their jobs, or were segregated from normal civil life, unless they took this vaccine.

This vaccine was manufactured by Pfizer, a company with a long history of crime, fraud and corruption – a record which can only be described as disgraceful.

In late 2021 two widely-read articles about this history were published on Substack by KanekoaTheGreat and Jestre.

In the opening paragraph of his article, Jestre writes:

‘Imagine, if you will, an industry that is hated even more than government. Within that industry, there is a corporation that has a reputation so low that even among their peers, they were ranked as the worst in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Now imagine you are told if you do not let that company inject an experimental drug into you, using a never before tried delivery system, you will lose your livelihood, freedom, and possibly your life. You are not in the twilight zone. It is 2021 and that corporation is Pfizer.’

The following record combines Pfizer’s criminal history as outlined in each article.

Both authors insist their lists are by no means complete.

Pfizer’s Ibuprofen product Advil has been the subject of many lawsuits in the USA. The majority of these involve cases alleging severe adverse reactions. One such case related to a man who developed severe blistering over 35% of his body. Jestre believes a confidential out of court settlement was reached.

This case invovling the Alzheimer’s drug Aricept though ultimately unsuccessful, ‘raised serious questions as to whether the FDA was colluding with the drug industry rather than protecting public health’, according to Jestre.

Bextra, Geodon, Zyvox and Lyrica
Pfizer was fined US$1.195 billion for promoting the off-label use of Bextra. Pfizer was ordered to pay a further US$1 billion in civil damages and penalties. US$102 million was given to six whistleblowers who had been fired by the company.

The company was charged with ‘misbranding’ the drug with intent to mislead.

Blackmail in Africa
Wikileaks blew the lid on Pfizer’s blackmailing practices in relation to a US$75 million payout in Nigeria as part of the ‘Trovan’ case.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
In this case it was revealed the Pfizer regularly organised large-scale luxury conferences for doctors, where they would give them gifts and a US$2,000 ‘stipend’ each. The litigation itself was a claim by Blue Cross Blue Shield to recover overpayments made to Pfizer for its Bextra drug.

Bribes in Europe
In 2020, Pfizer paid US$60.2 million dollars for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Bribes were paid to government officials in Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Czech Republic, China and Italy.

Celebrex, Bextra and Lyrica
Pfizer paid US$450 million to Brigham Young University (2012) after the university alleged that the company cheated them out of $9.7 billion in royalties for the creation of the drug.

Pfizer also paid out US$486 million (2016) to its own shareholders for hiding safety risks associated with Celebrex, Bextra and Lyrica.

In 2013, Pfizer paid US$273 million to settle claims relating to Chantix, its ‘quit smoking’ drug, mainly for undisclosed serious side effects.

Delaware River Pollution
In 1991, Pfizer was fined US$3.1 million for illegally dumping untreated and treated industrial waste into the Delaware River.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed over depo-testosterone, most of which are still ongoing without settlement, although those that have resolved have generally been in Pfizer’s favour.

Multiple lawsuits alleging undisclosed serious adverse reactions over the anti-depressent Effexor were dismissed.

The Pfizer made blood-thinner Eliquis is currently the subject of multiple ongoing lawsuits alleging serious undisclosed adverse reactions.

Pfizer was accused of ‘fraudulent co-pay marketing’ in which they misled consumers over the final price they would have to pay for drugs. In the settlement Pfizer paid US$200,000 to each affected consumer.

In 2009, Pfizer paid US$33 million for unfair and deceptive marketing practices for its anti-psychotic drug Geodon.

Heart Valves
Pfizer agreed to create a fund of between US$80-130 million for defective heart valves from use of its drugs, in particular those arising from the fracturing of its Bjork-Shiley Convexo-Concave heart valve product.

A separate court action claimed Pfizer lied to the US government in order to get approval for its heart valve product, which continues to fracture and has killed hundreds of patients worldwide.

Inlyta, Sutent and Tikosyn
In yet another case of deceptive marketing, Pfizer paid out US$23.85 million to settle a co-pay scheme and was required to undertake a 5 year period of ‘probation’ in relation to its marketing activities.

Thousands of cases alleging the Pfizer cholestrol medication Lipitor caused Type 2 diabetes were dismissed by a judge, although many legal experts have questioned the court judgment.

Lyrica and Zyvox
Pfizer reached a US$43 million settlement with authorities for illegally using incentives to promote these drugs to doctors. More litigation is expected for Lyrica for claims it has caused numerous birth defects.

In 2010 a jury found Pfizer guilty of ‘racketeering’ and was ordered to pay US$142 million to the claimants over its epilepsy drug Neurontin. Pfizer bribed doctors with luxury trips and planted its operatives in audiences at drug conferences.

The Pfizer drug Prempro litigation follows thousands of cases filed by women who claimed the drug caused breast cancer. Pfizer paid US$330 million to settle more than 2,200 of these lawsuits, with many more thousands ongoing. Court records show there was, on the part of Pfizer, a “concerted effort to misdirect physicians” from the dangers of the drugs.

A case in which Pfizer settled with its own shareholders over claims it had misled them over the safety of the drug, to the tune of US$67.5 million.

Pfizer paid US$55 million in fines for illegally promoting Protonix for off-label use, and a further fine of US$784.6 for underpaying drug rebates to Medicaid.

Pfizer was ordered to pay US$35 million to settle claims relating to the unauthorised use of transplant drug Rapamune. Allegations made in the claim said Pfizer bribed doctors to prescribe the drug, and provided ‘misleading presentations of data.’

Pfizer paid out US$750 million to settle 35,000 claims relating to its diabetes drug Rezulin.

A case involving Nigerian children. According to Jestre:

‘Pfizer performed a clinical trial on 200 children without telling the parents that the treatment was experimental or obtaining informed consent. These children were paired off in groups of 100, with one group receiving Trovan, and the other group receiving the “gold standard” treatment at a reduced dosage in order to make their drug look better. Many of the children died or were permanently disabled. This led to a $75 million settlement, which Pfizer tried to stop by blackmailing government officials, as noted earlier.’

Multiple lawsuits are in progress claiming Viagra to be responsible for a number of undisclosed health conditions, including cancer. All these actions were recently consolidated into a class action lawsuit.

New York University sued Pfizer alleging that the company failed to pay royalties on the drug.

Xeljanz litigation is growing by the week as claimants allege Pfizer’s arthritis drug caused an array of serious adverse reactions, the risks of which were not disclosed by the company.

Pfizer reached a confidential settlement with various US state governments for deliberately failing to disclose some risks associated with use of this drug.


Re the Upcoming Australian Federal Election

Simon Shields posted:

Why should Australians trust the liberals, when based on past performance liberals have lied, reneged on election promises, have blatant conflicts of interest especially Scott Morrison regarding vaccine manufacturers, have shown callous disregard for the Australian people being railroaded via coercion to undergo an experimental medical procedure without free informed consent; shown callous disregard for the laws of this country particularly section 51-23a & 109 of Australian Constitution, sec 95 of Biosecurity Act, sec 94H of Privacy Act, Articles 1 & 6 of Nuremberg Code , Sec 5(11) of Judicature Act (QLD) or equivalent Acts in other States, committed treason by selling of Australian Assets & Jobs to overseas interests, aided & abetted constitutional changes regards Styles & Titles Act replacement of constitutional sovereign with a bogus Queen of Australia without required referendums, Allowed the State Governments to use tyrannical unconstitutional practices to enforce a bogus medical emergency by enforcing state border restrictions to force Australians to undergo dangerous medical procedures. Colluded to hide pedophiles in government by ensuring a moratorium on the release of information be in place. Censored unfavourable opinions. Condoned blatant contraventions of human rights especially freedom of speech & bodily integrity. And to tap it all off, acting as if nothing happened and all is forgiven.

The Incumbent liberals labor & greens don’t deserve to be public servants, they should be tried for crimes against humanity including genocide, misconduct in public office, assault & battery, manslaughter, murder and treason. If found guilty hung by the neck until dead and buried in unmarked graves, their assets confiscated and distributed proportionally to the victims of their crimes.

What do you plan to do to right these wrongs?