New Bubonic Plague Cases Send Mongolian Region Along Russian Border On Lockdown

Black Plague Mongolia Russia Border

(Tom: It’s never a bad time to keep your diet healthy and your immune system strong but now more than ever that strategy could pay big dividends.)

In nearby Mongolia in a region near the Russian border the rare, ancient bubonic plague, or known in history as the ’Black Death’, has surfaced once again, causing Mongolia to place ares of the Western region of Khovd province along the border on lockdown.

Two cases have been confirmed after lab test results. Two brothers, 27 and 16-years old, are currently at separate hospitals in the western province of Dorj Narangerel after they ate marmot meat.

The older brother is said to be a “very severe condition” and had “multiple organ failure” according to the Mongolian ministry of health. He is being treated for “marmot plague and secondary lung disease”.

The bubonic plague can kill in 24-hours and includes the fast onset of fever and the painful rapid swelling of lymph nodes under the arms, in the neck, or in the groin. The bacteria can also infect the lungs in a rarer form of it.

The brothers are believed to have caught the disease while skinning and cleaning the marmot. Typically its spread through fleas which live off of infected rodents. Health authorities in the region have long warned of the dangers of eating marmot due the potential of catching the plague. From time to time individuals in the region have caught the plague by eating raw marmot meat.

Fearing a potential outbreak of the disease which in the 14th century wiped out one-third the population of Europe, Mongolian health authorities have begun aggressive contact tracing. China’s Xinhua news reports that at least 146 people have been isolated at local hospitals after having contact with the infected brothers. The health ministry further said it’s identified 504 second-contact individuals.

But this is not the only “new“ health scare the region has to worry about. As we reported earlier, roughly half a million Chinese living in Hebei Province (not Hubei, Hebei), a province in northern China that surrounds Beijing (which operates as an independent ’national city’) are under lockdown on fears of a new strain of flu that has “the potential to become a pandemic“.

It emerged recently in China’s already-dwindling pig population, but scientists say it can infect humans, which would make it similar to the H1N1 virus that spread across Asia and made it all the way to North America in a short-lived pandemic.

WHO investigators are en route, and likely to take this threat much more seriously after the failures and deep neglect related to the coronavirus, or let’s hope so at least.

Robert G. Ingersoll Quote

I have made up my mind to say my say. I shall do it kindly, distinctly; but I am going to do it. I know there are thousands of men who substantially agree with me, but who are not in a condition to express their thoughts. They are poor; they are in business; and they know that should they tell their honest thought, persons will refuse to patronize them—to trade with them; they wish to get bread for their little children; they wish to take care of their wives; they wish to have homes and the comforts of life. Every such person is a certificate of the meanness of the community in which he resides. And yet I do not blame these people for not expressing their thought. I say to them: ‘Keep your ideas to yourselves; feed and clothe the ones you love; I will do your talking for you. The church can not touch, can not crush, can not starve, cannot stop or stay me; I will express your thoughts. ― Robert G. Ingersoll

I do not know enough about Robert to know to which church he was referring but it applies equally today to the church of religious dogma that is big pHarma educated and funded medical pseudo science!

Five days to make submissions to new ‘bail-in’ inquiry: put deposit protection in writing!

The Senate Economics Legislation Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Banking Amendment (Deposits) Bill 2020 that Senator Malcolm Roberts introduced on 27 February, to amend the 2018 bail-in law so it cannot be used to either convert into shares or write off—“bail in”—our savings in bank deposits.

Senator Roberts’ bill is very simple: it merely puts in writing, in legislation, the government’s assurance that our bank deposits won’t be converted or written off in a banking emergency. The problem with the government’s assurance as it stands is that it isn’t in the legislation, and is therefore effectively meaningless.

Click here for an explanation of the Banking Amendment (Deposits) Bill 2020.

All concerned Australians should make a submission to the inquiry to insist this protection for depositors is put in writing in the legislation. The deadline for submissions is this Friday, so don’t delay—make a submission today to send the Parliament the loud message: “Hands off our deposits!” And everyone should demand the Committee hold at least one public hearing so experts who are warning about bail-in can testify.

Click here…/C…/Senate/Economics/BankingDeposits for the Senate inquiry website with submission instructions.

The Committee is expecting a flood of submissions and is preemptively warning they won’t all be published. To maximise the chance of having your submission published, save it as a PDF file and use the Upload facility on the above website, which requires creating an account. Otherwise, emailing your written submission to the Committee at is perfectly fine. Please send a separate copy to the Citizens Party:

Here is what I wrote:

To The Members of The Senate

Dear Members,

Part of the structure of this economic framework is that shareholders buy shares as a part owner of a corporation in order to hopefully enjoy the gains and, if necessary, the losses involved with being a part owner of a trading enterprise.

Both the hoped for capital gain of the shares and the dividend from trading profits are unknown, unspecified and uncertain and the purchaser of the shares is well aware of the risks associated with his purchase.

A depositor on the other hand is a person seeking to invest with a lower risk and a more certain, if potentially lower, return on his investment. He does not anticipate a capital loss on his deposit.

A bail in of depositor’s money removes the burden of risk of ownership from those who knew in advance of the up and down sides of their investment and transfers it to the depositors, most of whom had no iodea of the fact that the government could change the rules of the game mid-term.

This is unfair and dishonest.

Please do not allow depositor’s money to be used to protect the investment of shareholders.

That action is not necessary to “protect” the depositors as their funds are more than adequately protected by the many times their funds have been used to lend money to borrowers under the fractional reserve banking system.

If anyone is to take a loss on the misfortunes of the bank it should be the owners of that bank, not the depositors.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Grimshaw

Gut Health Data From Marika Maikki

Gut Microbes

Did you know that as the levels of good bacteria decrease in the gut (because of lack of adequate levels of polyphenols in the diet), more pathogenic really bad) bacteria have the opportunity to enter the bloodstream?

You can decrease the level of good bacteria in your gut by
(1) frequent doses of antibiotic treatments from your physician,
(2) ingesting animal products that were led a steady diet of antibiotics and
(3) by not consuming enough polyphenols.

Add to this an increasing intake of omega fatty acids and decrease in omega-3 fatty acids in the general diet, and you are virtually assured the lining of the gut will be inflamed, giving rise to gaps in an otherwise strong biological barrier to prevent the entry of bad bacteria in large, undigested proteins.

This is what is called leaky gut syndrome.

Now more bacteria as well as other intact dietary proteins such as those found in gluten-containing or dairy products are able to enter into the bloodstream and the levels of cellular inflammation are increased throughout the body. When that happens you gain weight, accelerate the development of chronic disease, and age faster.
We all need quality omega3 with polyphenols in it.

AOC Quote

When I see insanity like this I am pleasantly surprised that more politicians are not taken out by those they have harmed. Show what good souls most people are.

AOC Quote

Burundian President Dies Suddenly after Expelling WHO for False Pandemic

Burundi, Africa: President Pierre Nkurunziza, 55, died following a cardiac arrest despite being known for his good health. Some have speculated that his death is linked to the fact that, less than a month ago, the Burundian government expelled experts from the World Health Organization responsible for ‘advising’ on the false COVID-19 pandemic. Burundi had only one COVID death. Nkurunziza’s unexpected death is reminiscent of the mysterious plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski in 2009 shortly after he refused the vaccine from the WHO against the H1N1 flu