Is your money really safe in the banks?

Then Treasurer Wayne Swan issued a release on 11 September 2011, on the government’s guarantee of bank deposits. It began, “Today I announce a new, permanent cap to be introduced from 1 February 2012 for the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) of $250,000 per person per institution to protect the savings held in around 99 per cent of Australian deposit accounts in full.” [Emphasis added.]
Swan lied.

‘Unlawful Killing’: Sydney festival screens suppressed film exposing Royal stonewalling of Princess Diana murder investigation

Unlawful Killing, the 2011 Keith Allen film that the British Crown establishment has suppressed worldwide for more than two years, surfaced and was screened at the Sydney Underground Film Festival on 7-8 September. The British documentary on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in a car crash in Paris in the summer of 1997, and on the 2007-2008 inquest into it, leaves any viewer with indelible questions about the role of the British Crown: unmistakeably involved in shaping the inquest, what was its role in the killing itself?